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Dr Leigh is available to answer your animal health questions.  Ask questions about your cat, dog or horse. We are here to help you and will contact you within the hour.

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Dr Leigh Bondi Vet

Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc BApplSc

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What sort of questions can Your Vet Online help you with?


Are vomiting or have diarrhoea

Have skin redness or itching

Are drinking a lot

Look like they are straining/in pain while going to the toilet

Are lethargic

Have a behavioural problem i.e. anxiety

Have eaten chocolate

Need advice on flea/tick control

Want diet advice

Want to check medication dosage/frequency

Second opinion


General health queries

Advice about treating wounds

Advice about vaccinations

Breeding advice

Skin problems

What to feed especially supplements

Second opinion

Advice on lameness

Fitness and training guidance

Parasite control and management

Stomach ulcer treatment and management

Pocket Pets

Emergency treatment for lethargy/weakness

Advice about lumps and bumps

Nutrition advice

Parasite control