Online Veterinary Advice For All Your Animals

Animals always seem to get sick or hurt themselves at an inconvenient time. That’s why our online vets are available to help you 24/7 with any animal – horse, cat, dog, farm, exotic. There is no need to leave your home or office. Get online and talk with our vets to get answers and treatments you can manage yourself, at home. We also provide a prescription service for those people in Australia.

If you need a vet now, our 24-hour veterinary advice is just a click away. No appointments are necessary. You just choose the consultation type you would like, make your payment and you will be getting answers and treatment advice within minutes.

You can ask a vet for personalised advice via an in-depth consult. This is where you will discuss one on one whatever issue you have with a vet.
If you prefer, you can email a quick question to our vets too.

If you are stuck and need a prescription, well yes, we can sort that for you too.

Talk to a vet online about your cat, dog, horse, farm animals or pocket pets and let our online vets help you with at home treatments for peace of mind.

If you are after more animal health information check out our handy blog articles or watch pet health tutorials. 

Ask Our 24 Hour Online Vets For Help Now

In-depth Chat Consult

online vet consults affordable convenient vet advice

AUD $49.95/consult

A one on one consultation via chat or video. Discuss the problem and get immediate answers and solutions. Available 24/7.

Non-Urgent Quick Question

Vet advice for your pets

AUD $14.95/question 

Have a non-urgent question? No worries. Email our vets and we will give you a reply within 12 hours.

Order a Prescription

animal prescription

AUD $30.00

Run out of medication for your pet or horse? Our vets can provide a pet script. Conditions apply.


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Select Your Consult Type

We understand that sometimes you may only have a small question. That’s why you can choose from either a one on one consult with an online vet via chat or video for an immediate, in-depth response.  Or for those less urgent queries, you might choose an email response, where our vets will get back to you within 12 hours.

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Online Vet Consultation

Discuss your animal’s problem anytime day or night with our veterinarians via chat or video link. Your vet will guide you through an examination and determine what the problem is.  Your vet will tell you the treatments needed to return your pet or horse to good health. No need to travel to a clinic, stay in the comfort of your home. This is just like having a vet near you!

discuss vet care


Your vet will provide you with a working diagnosis and treatment plan so you can say goodbye to worry and hello peace of mind. Get expert advice rather than using Dr Google or shock horror…the dreaded Facebook forum.


Our 24/7 vet consultation service is provided by experienced, Australian registered veterinarians, who have all worked in clinical practice and are experts in veterinary online consultations.
Our vets are available for emergency vet care 24/7. No more having to go to the clinic, or re-organising your schedule. You and your pet will love that you don’t need to leave home. Online vet consultations are proven to be effective.
Save $$$. An online vet consult cost is significantly less than a regular consult. Save up to $160.


Join Us To Receive FREE Vet Advice Direct To Your Email

Every Tuesday we will send you the latest tips to keep your animals in tip top shape PLUS ask us your question and we will answer it for FREE.