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Basics of horse fitness and training guidelines

Whether you are a pleasure rider or an elite rider, a racehorse trainer or jockey, understanding the basics of horse fitness and training will improve the well being and longevity of your horse by keeping them injury free. 

The basis of any fitness training program whether it is with horses or for people is to stimulate adaptions in the muscle, heart and lungs.

The fancy word for this is the Overload Principle, and basically, that means that

Why snake bite in dogs is an emergency

Snake bite in dogs and cats are a common occurrence in both city and rural area and incredibly, Australia is home to 10 of the most venomous snakes in the world.

As soon as the weather warms, we start to see more snakes out and about. This coincides with us letting our pets outside more as well as taking out our pets for bush walks, jaunts to the park and spending time at the

How to crate train your dog - a step by step guide:

Crate training your new dog or puppy is one of the first things that most veterinarians recommend you do when you bring your new family member home. Read on to learn the key steps on how to crate train your dog. 

The key to crate training a puppy is that the crate will become your dog's "happy place". The crate is the place they will retreat to have some time out,

Why crate training makes bringing home a puppy so much easier
An Owner's Perspective To Crate Training
I'd heard why crate training makes bringing home a puppy so much easier, but initially it wasn't top of mind. We’ve all done it, you bring home a new puppy and you are so filled up with the cuteness and the toilet training and, did I mention the cuteness? I’ve had dogs before, brought home puppies before, so when I read about crate training puppies

Choke In Horses - How To Recognise The Signs & Treatment

While not particularly common, choking in horses when it occurs can be a very alarming condition to deal with. Thankfully, unlike humans who stop breathing when they choke, this isn't the case with horses.

It is important to move quickly and get your horse the help he needs.  Aside from the stress your horse will feel, we don’t want the blockage to damage your horse permanently and cause life-threatening issues.

What Are

Desexing Your Pet - What You Need To Know

This week's Hey Doc with Dr Leigh focuses on desexing your pet and what you need to know. If you haven't read our other article on "when it's best to neuter your male dog" then head over there after you've listened to this tutorial.

In this session, Dr Leigh will go over the pros and cons of desexing and how to figure out the best time to do this. As always, if you

When to neuter a dog? What age is best

Just this past weekend I was asked by a friend “when is the best time to neuter my dog?” In the past, I would have quickly replied “oh around 6-9 mths old would be best”, but now, with studies looking at the relationship between neutering and health of our dogs, that advice may well be regarded as obsolete.
Just quickly, when we talk about a neutered dog we are referring to a male

Oh no my dog has eaten rat bait - what now?

Whether you noticed that your dog has eaten rat bait, or you are highly suspicious that your dog has eaten rat bait there are a few things you need to be aware of so that your pet's life is not at risk.

Rat bait can kill any animal, and it can even harm your pet when not ingested directly. Many vets see cases where the cat or the dog has consumed the rat

Is the pet food you're feeding harming your pet?
Grain free is the buzzword for pet food. Forget “raw food” and “kibble”. It’s all about the grain free.

That’s the thing.

However, grain free has a dark and dirty secret. It isn't quite the pet food that you thought it was cracked up to be. What you might think it is....that healthy pet food option for your cat and dog, may actually be doing more harm than good.  

Like it or not, grain free might actually

How to tell if you have a sick foal?

Breeding horses is a long and expensive process so it's vital that you recognise if you have a sick foal. In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh will discuss what a normal foal looks like and how to recognise if you have a sick foal. The quicker you can recognise the health problems of a foal the quicker you can have a vet instigate treatment for a better outcome. 
Health problems in newborn