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Dr Joei Potter Interview: Anaesthesia specialist University of Dublin

Dr Joei Potter works as a veterinary anaesthesia and pain specialist at the University of Dublin. Having graduated from Murdoch University in Australia, Dr Joei shares her story about why she chose to specialise in anaesthesia and the struggles she has seen in this profession.

The road to anaesthesia specialist
I am one of those infuriating people who knew what she wanted to be from a very young age.

My dad shares a story

Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Interview with Dr Teresa Priddle

My story of how I ended up as a Petstock Mt Gambier Vet
I have always loved animals, especially horses, and ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a vet – except for a brief period when I wanted to be James Bond (according to a story I wrote in grade 5)!

I grew up in Mt Gambier South Australia, a large country town in a way due to agriculture industries.


Most common pet health conditions that require emergency vet care

Did you know that up to 75% of visits to the veterinarian could be avoided? There are many conditions that pets get that can be treated and helped by veterinary consult via an online telemedicine consult without the hassle and expense of a trip to a veterinary clinic. 

But how do you know that your pets' condition doesn’t require an in-person visit?

A better way to answer this question is to let you

Dr Tegan Stephens interview: unusual and exotic pet vet

Today we talk with Dr Tegan Stephens who works as an unusual and exotic pet vet in Sydney, Australia. Her days are filled with treating many different species of animals.  
How I became an unusual and exotic pet vet
I’ve been reptile mad since I was a toddler and always had it in my head I would one day be a reptile vet.

While at university I realised it was very hard to have a

Dr Debbie Osborne Interview: Life at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital

Tell us a little about your life and how you got to Alice Springs
I grew up in “The Shire” and never dreamed I would end up living more than walking distance from a good surf beach, except if I were lucky enough to be able to work as a vet in a ski resort.

After working as a vet in Sydney for 18 months, I slowly made my way to

Basics of horse fitness and training guidelines

Whether you are a pleasure rider or an elite rider, a racehorse trainer or jockey, understanding the basics of horse fitness and training will improve the well being and longevity of your horse by keeping them injury free. 

The basis of any fitness training program whether it is with horses or for people is to stimulate adaptions in the muscle, heart and lungs.

The fancy word for this is the Overload Principle, and basically, that means that

Snake Bite On Dogs - How To Keep Your Dog Alive

Snake bites on dogs and cats are a common occurrence in both city and rural areas and incredibly, although many pets die, plenty do survive if the appropriate emergency treatment is applied. 
As soon as the weather warms, we start to see more snakes out and about. This coincides with pets spending more time outside in the backyard as well as taking out our pets for bush walks, jaunts to the

How to crate train your dog - a step by step guide:

Crate training your new dog or puppy is one of the first things that most veterinarians recommend you do when you bring your new family member home. Read on to learn the key steps on how to crate train your dog. 

The key to crate training a puppy is that the crate will become your dog's "happy place". The crate is the place they will retreat to have some time out,

Why crate training makes bringing home a puppy so much easier
An Owner's Perspective To Crate Training
I'd heard why crate training makes bringing home a puppy so much easier, but initially it wasn't top of mind. We’ve all done it, you bring home a new puppy and you are so filled up with the cuteness and the toilet training and, did I mention the cuteness? I’ve had dogs before, brought home puppies before, so when I read about crate training puppies

Choke In Horses - How To Recognise The Signs & Treatment

While not particularly common, choking in horses when it occurs can be a very alarming condition to deal with. Thankfully, unlike humans who stop breathing when they choke, this isn't the case with horses.

It is important to move quickly and get your horse the help he needs.  Aside from the stress your horse will feel, we don’t want the blockage to damage your horse permanently and cause life-threatening issues.

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