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Hey Doc: Horse breeding Tips for breeding your mare
In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh speaks with guest, specialist equine reproduction vet Dr Simon Robinson from Victorian Equine Group, all about horse breeding tips for breeding your mare.

Many of us would love to breed a foal so if this is you, take a listen and learn what you need to prepare to have a successful outcome.

Learn more about:

What you need to consider prior to breeding your mare

Artificial insemination

Pet Obesity: Why it's a problem for your pet
Our world is in the midst of a pet obesity crisis.  There are some pretty scary statistics when it comes to our pet's obesity problem! According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) nearly 59 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs are affected. The sad thing about this is that obesity is the greatest risk to our pet's health and wellbeing that there is.

Luckily, obesity is a problem that

Hey Doc: Top tips to help your pet lose weight
Tonight's tutorial from Dr Leigh focusses on things you can do to help your pet lose weight. If you haven't checked out our post on Pet Obesity it's a good idea if you do.

Then watch the tutorial and try and implement these changes into your program at home.
Dr Leigh is available to help you on a one on one level utilising her proven Pet Fit Program that you can sign up

Hey Doc: Ask Dr Leigh July 3 2018
On the first Tuesday of every month Dr Leigh answers your questions for free in the series Hey Doc: Ask the vet with Dr Leigh.

Ask any question about your cat, dog, horse or pocket pet.

This month Dr Leigh discusses:
1. Selenium supplementation in horses
2. How to stop dogs from licking each other's ears?
3. How to contain a cat to inside only?
4. What to do for a dog that has gone acutely lame?
5. After a

Diagnosis of lumps and bumps on skin of dogs and cats
Finding a lump or bump on the skin of our pets can be a little frightening. What if it's cancer? Diagnosis of lumps and bumps is vitally important so that you know what is going on and can decide what the best course of treatment is for your pet. In this article, I discuss how vets diagnose lumps and bumps on the skin of dogs and cats. 

Could the lump be

Signs of dementia in pets and how you can delay progression
Our pets are living longer than ever before due to advances in veterinary medicine, sadly this means we are seeing more signs of dementia.

In this tutorial, Dr Leigh discusses what the signs and symptoms of dementia are for cats and dogs, and the steps we can take to slow progression of this cognitive dysfunction.

We need to remember it's not just old dogs and old cats that might show signs of

When do we worry about lumps and bumps on skin of our pets?
As you have probably heard me say before, prevention is better than cure, well in this circumstance we might not be able to prevent, but we can certainly look out for and act immediately when we see lumps and bumps on skin of our pets.

In this FB Live session, Dr Leigh discusses why getting to know your pet and its lumps and bumps on skin are crucial for

Colic symptoms in horses
One of the scariest and deadliest problems horse owners and carers must deal with is colic. Knowing what colic symptoms are in horses is absolutely vital.

If you know your horse's normal vital signs, then you will recognise colic symptoms and be on the alert for other problems.

In this talk Dr Leigh discusses the following:
What is colic?
Colic symptoms
Normal vital signs in horses
Colic definition
Signs of colic
Types of colic
How colic is treated

If you wish to read more about colic in horses,

Brachycephaly in dogs and what you need to do to help your dogs breathe
Brachycephaly in dogs is a condition where a dog has a very flat face or what I like to call a "squish face". The skull is shorter and often the dog has problems with breathing.

In this video, Dr Leigh discusses brachycephaly in dogs and how many of these dogs struggle to breathe and have what is called brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.

The following conditions are discussed in more

Learn all about colic in horses: Signs, Causes and Treatment
Colic in horses is one of the worst fears we can have as a horse owner.  Truth be told it's not too pleasant for us vets either!

When a horse starts to show colic symptoms our blood pressure rises and we have that deep profound worry. Will my horse need to be put to sleep? Will my horse need surgery? What will it cost for colic surgery to save my horse?

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