Causes Of Laminitis In Horses

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses We've all heard the saying "no hoof no horse" and laminitis in horses is one of the most worrying concerns that many horse owners have. In this article, I will discuss the main causes of laminitis in horses and how you as an owner can be vigilant to prevent laminitis [...]

Hendra Vaccine – Why Is It So Important?

Hendra Vaccine - Why Is It So Important? Hendra is a virus that has caused death in both people and horses. To date, the equine vaccine has been extremely successful at preventing this disease, with no vaccinated horse succumbing to the virus.  In this article, we describe Hendra and discuss the vaccine and why it [...]

Equine Wound Care – How To Prevent Proud Flesh

We see the blood....our hearts sink. Horse wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare.  We all hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how trying to prevent proud flesh is nearly a full time job in itself. There are so many wives tales, potions [...]

Equine Dentistry: What’s In That Mouth?

Equine Dentistry: What's In That Mouth? Little surprises me when it comes to equine dentistry and what I might find in a horse's mouth! It seems that horses, being by their very nature an animal that is both curious and cautious, are often prone to both oral injury and ingestion of foreign objects. More often than not, there [...]