Pet dental care: Top reasons why our pets need dental care

Top reasons why our pets need dental care Our pet's dental care needs to be a top priority because just like us, poor dental hygiene can lead to disease and ill health. Over 85% of dogs and 70% of cats from the age of 3 years suffer from dental disease. We can prevent this by utilising at [...]

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Pros and Cons Of Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs And Cats

Why Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs and Cats Is Not Recommended By Vets & Welfare Advocates Anaesthesia free dentistry for dogs and cats is being promoted as the new wave of safe and appropriate dental care for our pets. But is it? Only radiographs could identify the periodontal disease and bone loss affecting this [...]

Dog Tooth Extraction: Cost/Benefit/Management

Dog Tooth Extraction: Cost, Benefit and Management   Sadly, dog tooth extraction is not as uncommon as you might think. Broken teeth are a common finding in both dogs and cats. Vets discover these broken teeth during routine health checks such as when you present your pet for vaccination. Most animals that have broken [...]