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Don't Let The NSW Veterinary Board
Stop Telemedicine

Have Your Say About The Use Of Telemedicine In Australia

I live quite remote with no vet within 50k radius so I find I lack assistance which is a problem but the internet helps bridge that gap giving me extra help if need be and it's an extra option to utilise. We do have a mobile vet but only once a month. Since using Your Vet Online  and taking their advice my dog has trimmed down and fits through the doggy door again with improved arthritis symptoms. It was very convenient to sort it out online. The dog is better off. Thanks.

Heather Jones, Client of Your Vet Online

Here Is The Proposed Policy

Take a look at the policy. It's a bit difficult to read so we will explain down the page. 

policy for telemedicine register within a state

Vets can only perform a telemedicine consult if they are registered in the same state as the animal. 

telemedicine policy prescriptions

A telemedicine veterinarian will not be able to provide prescriptions unless they have previously examined the animal in person. 

To read the proposed policy click here.

Have Your Say About Telemedicine

If you believe that telemedicine is a valuable service that helps animal welfare, have your say. Be sure to tell us why it's valuable and what you need from this service.

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