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Rain Rot

And keep it away for good

rain rot on horse's back

Treatment Tips 

Rain rot, rain scald, greasy heel, mud fever - whatever you call it, this is a debilitating problem that we can help you treat once and for all. 


How To Treat

Easy steps guiding you through the treatment process. 

Recommended products

Suggested products that are useful AND products to avoid. 

Guidelines For Prevention

Details on how to prevent rain rot in the future. 

Get instant access to Rain Rot Treatment Guide now!

In this PDF guide you will receive a checklist of equipment that you will need, step by step treatment instructions and a list recommended and not recommended products to use. 
Prevention strategies are also covered. 
Please note that this is a guide only and if the condition does not improve, an in-person clinical exam by a veterinarian is recommended. 

rain rot treatment guide cover
Dr Leigh with a black horse

Dr Leigh Davidson   //  Author

Dr Leigh is a veterinarian with over 20 years experience - much of that working with high performance horses. Coming from New Zealand - where there can be literally four seasons in one day - Dr Leigh is well accustomed to working in the rain and helping horses suffering from rain rot. Having used many treatment methods over the years, she's included her tried and proven method in this guide to help you get quick and permanent results. 

Dr  Leigh 

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