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I had an emergency in the middle of the night with my elderly Toy Poodle, “Bentley”. After searching for a Vet to speak with I found “Your Vet Online”, sent them a message and received a response within minutes from Dr. Leigh. There aren’t enough words of gratitude or enough ” Thank You’s” I can say to Dr. Leigh for all the help given!! Your services are WONDERFUL and highly recommended. Thank you again!!

Melissa L

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On Demand Vet - No Appointment Necessary

Life is busy, we get that. Animals get sick and injured at all hours of the day. We get that too. That's why our online vets are available without an appointment. 


Vets for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Farm Animals, Unusual Pets

All our vets are registered to practice and have vast experience in all animal species. There are no bots here. Speak to a genuine real vet and get answers and treatments you can do at home. 


Any Time, Any Device,

Any Where

Flexibility is important and that's why you can talk to our vets when, where and how you like. Choose from chat or video. Choose to talk to our vets at anytime of the day or night. 


What Are You Waiting For?

Forget wasting time searching on Google or in Facebook Groups, talk to an expert now. 

If you'd prefer to email our vets a question or you need a prescription, we have those options too.

How Your Vet Online Works

Step One

Choose your consult type and sign up.  Tell us a little about your pet, horse or farm animal. Ask your question. 

Step Two

Connect with our vet and discuss the problem your animal has. Attach photos, videos or pathology results or xrays. 

Step Three

Our vets will work out a treatment plan with you to best ensure the health and welfare of your pet, horse or farm animal.

We Can Help You Like We Helped These Animal Owners!


navid bk

“Dr. Leigh was incredible! The service was quick, simple and straight forward. I will be using this again if ever I get worried about my little furry dude. Thanks again!”


This is a wonderful service for those times when your pet gets sick on the weekend when your vet is closed (which for me seems like every time!). I was desperately worried about my guinea pig and a search brought me to Dr. Leigh. It was a no-brainer for me because of the extremely reasonable pricing. I sent her an email with his history and my question expecting a couple of sentences and instead got a few paragraphs! Dr. Leigh was so thorough in her advice and suggestions to get my piggy through the weekend until we can see our vet on Monday. I am feeling so much more optimistic about his health (especially since he's gaining weight again!) and I can't recommend Your Vet Online enough for your peace of mind. I often have questions or situations which I'm not sure require emergency veterinary services or not (and let's face it, as pet owners we sometimes overreact!), so I'm extremely happy to have this in my toolbox now! Thank you so much, Dr. Leigh!

Samantha W

aaron whyte testimonial from google my business

Poor kitty was feeling very unwell late at night and the local vet isn't 24 hours! The Veterinarian Dr Leigh was so good. She talked me through what to do and even organised a vet prescription for my kitten. Awesome experience and I'd highly recommend using the live chat. Added a now happy kitty pic. Thanks again


For All Creatures Great & Small 
Our Online Vets Have The Answers

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Small Animal Vets

We have vets that have vast experience in cat and dog medicine and surgery. 

Horse Vets

Our online vets have worked with many breeds of horse, performing in many disciplines from Thoroughbred racing to dressage to cutting or endurance.  

Farm Animal Vets

From small lifestyle blocks to large commercial properties our farm animal vets have worked with all types of livestock. 

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Exotic Pet Vets

From birds to snakes to rabbits and guinea pigs our online vets can help you with your pet. 

What Can Your Vet Online Help With?

Cats, Dogs, Horses, Unusual Pets, Farm Animals

Did you know that over 70% of concerns that we have with our pet, horse or farm animal can be resolved without a trip to a vet?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you are doing the right thing, that's why our vets are here for you. You can ask us questions about anything listed below and more!

  • Behaviour
  • Nutrition
  • Skin Problems
  • Emergencies
  • Medical Problems
  • Surgery Problems
  • Second Opinions
  • Medication Queries
  • Lameness Problems

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PC Or Mobile Phone

As long as you have an internet connection, you can use our service. Remember - our vets are online 24/7.

Talk to a vet online to ask your vet questions



We have the option of using chat only or video to speak with a vet. If you want you can upload photos, videos or even blood results or xrays. 
This way we can see and learn exactly what is going on with your animal. 


Online Vet Prescriptions

For Australian residents only (at the moment) our vets can provide a script for certain conditions. Perfect for those emergencies like when you run out of medication on a weekend. (At vet's discretion). 

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