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Dog Ear Infections - Learn How To Treat & Prevent

One of the most common questions we get asked in online consults is from owners who have concerns about dog ear infections. Sadly, many dogs suffer from chronic ear inflammation (otitis externa) and this causes them a lot of pain and the owners a lot of frustration. 

It really doesn't have to be this way. Read on to learn how our team of vets recommend treating an ear infection and most importantly, how you

Dog Scooting: What's the Cause and How To Fix It?

It's not unusual to see your dog scooting along the ground on their arse seemingly oblivious to the embarrassment that it causes us as owners. I know I used to get horrified when I saw my old girl Pippa doing this, especially if she left skid marks! Oh, the shame!

The question about why dogs scoot along on their bottom is often asked on forums and via an online vet consult with

Stringhalt in Horses: Causes and How To Treat
What Is Stringhalt?

Stringhalt is described as a non-painful neuropathic condition of horses that is characterised by an abnormal hindlimb gait. It is easily recognisable because the horse will tend to lift and maintain the hindlimb in excessive flexion and kind of 'jump forward' and slam it down. We can see this when the horse is walking forwards and backwards.

The following video displays the typical appearance of stringhalt.

Often these horses are more severely affected

Holistic Vet Care

The other day we were asked by Jane on another forum if Your Vet Online was a Holistic Vet?

The question got me thinking. What does Holistic Vet Care actually mean?

So I took a look at the good old faithful Oxford Dictionary for their definition of's what it says:
Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental

How To Adopt a Dog That Suits Your Family

Buying a dog or choosing to adopt a dog or a puppy is a big decision for many people. Choosing to give a dog a home has long term consequences. You need to be ready to provide that adopted pet with a stable, loving and healthy environment until the end of their life. For some dogs, that could be close to twenty years.

In this article, we are going to discuss the decisions

What to Feed a Cat with Triaditis
My 13yo cat has been diagnosed with Triaditis/Pancreatitis - I was wondering what food alternatives there are for her.  Hills is very expensive - could I feed her Advance?  She is also on Cerenia injections daily which help her tremendously.  I can’t afford the $70 odd dollars every week for Hills. Thanks and regards
Sally, Hopper's Crossing, Vic
Hi Sally,

Gosh, sad to hear about your puss. It is always best to do as your vet recommends,

Tiger Snake in Sticky Situation Saved by Point Cook Vet

Sometimes as a vet, you never know what will walk, or slither, through the doors of your vet clinic. For Dr Karen Davies

of Direct Vet Services in Point Cook, Victoria, today was one of those days when a Tiger Snake was brought to her clinic.

While Dr Karen usually treats cats and dogs, she often gets called upon to help other local critters such as farm animals and wildlife. Snakes


28 November 2018
Vets warn a rise in cat poisonings from deadly flowers
With summer festivities fast approaching it’s more important than ever to keep pets safe! Many pet owners keep toxic foods (i.e. chocolate) from paw’s reach but often forget the dangers blooming in their gardens or floral arrangements.

According to pet health insurance product provider PetSure, 340 cats have been treated for lily toxicity in the past five years. Unfortunately, not all pet poisoning cases come up roses,

Dr Jacqui Johnston Interview: Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics

Dr Jacqui Johnstone BSc BVMS is a small animal vet in Brisbane who manages to juggle the demands as a veterinarian with that of a family with young children. Read on to hear about how Dr Jacqui was drawn to a career in veterinary science and what she loves about her role in her Southside Brisbane community at Holland Park Carina Veterinary Clinics.

I always wanted to work with animals and being a

 Simple tips on how much to feed your dog or cat

Following on from our post on how to assess your pet's weight, in this post we're going to discuss how to work out how much to feed your dog or cat.

So many of us overfeed our pets whether it is a kibble diet or meat diet. Obesity in pets is a big problem and it is causing many chronic disease problems.

By learning how much to feed your dog or cat,

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