How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Your Horse Sound
We've all heard the saying "no hoof, no horse" and pretty much the same saying can be applied to your horse's legs.

There are many old wive's tales and myths about looking after horse legs, so in this article, I want to set you straight. Read all about how to care for horse legs so that you prevent lameness and keep them sound, and save time and money!
How Lameness Affects Performance

Why Dogs Hump & How To Stop A Dog From Humping
We've all seen those dogs at the park that run around trying to hump other dogs. This humping behaviour is very common, and unfortunately, many owners neglect to keep it under control and prevent it. In this article we will discuss how to stop a dog from humping and what it means.

When your dog humps other dogs you are setting them up for failure. Fights often occur as humpees do

Latest Research Show That Feeding Raw Chicken Is Linked To Paralysis In Dogs

Feeding raw meat to our pets always carries a risk due to the potential of bacterial overload. We need to be very careful with food hygiene. Chicken is a known high risk raw meat with a high bacterial contamination.

Now, Melbourne University lecturers have identified feeding raw chicken as a risk factor in dogs suffering polyradiculoneuritis, a neurological condition that can last up to 6 months or longer.

This article

Titre Testing For Dogs Explained
There has a been a huge amount of social media attention about vaccinating dogs and if it's required. Part of this discussion has raised questions such as what is titre testing for dogs?

There is a lot of confusion out there about vaccinations, and here at Your Vet Online we get a lot of questions such as this one:

Jaenelle asked:
I have a 5 year old Groodle and am very worried about some of the stories I've heard

Why Anaesthesia Free Dentistry Is Not Recommended By Vets & Welfare Advocates
Anaesthesia free dentistry for dogs and cats is being promoted as the new wave of safe and appropriate dental care for our pets. But is it?

Mel asked Dr Leigh the following question:
My kitties are due for a dental check up, I'm considering having a anaesthesia free dentistry procedure performed. Can you please tell me the pros and cons of anaesthesia free dentistry for dogs and cats? I'm also concerned

How To Calm Your Dog During A Thunder Storm
My dog is freaking out everytime there is a storm, especially when there is thunder and lightning. I am at my wits end.  I have tried a Thunder shirt and I turn on music. But I just can't be with my dog all day. I want to know how do you calm your dog during a thunder storm?

I've followed my trainers tips on noise phobia, I give her hugs and cuddles. She

Top Vet Advice To Survive The Summer Holidays With Your Pets
Everyone is thinking about the summer holidays so now is the time to think about the really, really super important things we need to do to make sure our pets are kept safe and well. Read on for our top tips to survive summer holidays with your pets.

Even if you aren’t going away, and only perhaps going on day trips, there are plenty of important things for you to consider.

Do We Need To Vaccinate Our Pets Yearly?
A yearly dog vaccination and health examination has been the norm for dog parents for as long as I can remember.  Many people are starting to question the need.
Do we really need to vaccinate our dogs yearly? Do senior dogs need vaccinating? What vaccinations do dogs need?
Unfortunately, the answer isn't quite so depends.

Whether you give your dog an annual vaccination or change to every three years depends on the manufacturer of the

"Should I get pet insurance?" is one of the most common questions veterinarians get asked. In this episode of “Ask Us Anything” Dr Leigh speaks with Dr Magdoline Awad from PetSure all about pet insurance.

We discover why purchasing pet insurance can be a good idea especially when you adopt a pet, get a new puppy or kitten or rescue an older animal. You might also like to read more about what pet insurance is, why pet insurance costs so much,

If you ask any veterinarian the question: ‘Do I Need Pet Insurance?’ the sure-fire answer will nearly always be a resounding YES.

This isn’t because vets are in cahoots with pet insurance companies – far from it.

In fact, the real reason is that veterinarians see so many sad animal health cases, where owners cannot afford the veterinary care their pet requires, and the pet needs to be euthanised.

No veterinarian likes to euthanise animals due to lack of funds, and pet insurance