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Questions About Consults

What Is Your Vet Online?

How Does An Online Vet Consult Work?

What’s the Difference between an Email Question and an In-Depth Consult?

How Can You Tell What is Wrong with my Pet if you Can’t See Or Touch Them?

How Long Will I have to wait to talk with a vet?

When can I access a vet consult and how much does it cost?

What if the Vet Can’t Answer My Question?

Questions About How We Can Help

What Animals Can you Help Me With?

What Types Of Problems Can An Online Vet Help With?

Questions About Pet Scripts

Can Your Vet Online Provide Pet Scripts?

What Is The Process To Order A Script

Questions About Discounts, Insurance & Receipts

Can I Claim The Cost Of My Consult On My Pet Or Horse Insurance?

Does Your Vet Online Provide Discounts To Pensioners Or Those With Disability Cards?

Can I Get A Receipt?

Questions About Money & Security

How Safe Are My Credit Card Details

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