Be A Petsmart Owner: Pet & Horse Health Tutorials

Be a petsmart owner and learn more about pet and horse health care. Watch our selection of live tutorials incorporating all aspects of pet health care and management.  For written articles on animal health check out our pet health articles page.

We cover:

  • Dog health
  • Cat health
  • Horse health
  • Pocket pet health (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats and mice)

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Desexing Your Pet - What You Need To Know

This week's Hey Doc with Dr Leigh focuses on desexing your pet and what you need to know. If you haven't read our other article on "when it's best to neuter your male dog" then head over there after you've listened to

Is the pet food you're feeding harming your pet?
Grain free is the buzzword for pet food. Forget “raw food” and “kibble”. It’s all about the grain free.

That’s the thing.

However, grain free has a dark and dirty secret. It isn't quite the pet food that you thought it was cracked up to be.

How to tell if you have a sick foal?

Breeding horses is a long and expensive process so it's vital that you recognise if you have a sick foal. In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh will discuss what a normal foal looks like and how to recognise if you have

How to recognise & manage heart disease in your pet
Heart disease or heart failure is a common cause of death in our pets. Sadly, often it has gone unrecognised because owners aren't familiar with the signs and symptoms of heart disease. It's not about turning you all into veterinarians, but

Equine Dentistry: How To Care For Your Horse's Teeth

In this tutorial, Dr Leigh speaks with equine dental vet Dr Olivia James BVSc(hons) MANZCVSc (Eq dentistry) Diplomate ICEVO CMAVA of Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry, all about equine dentistry.

Horses differ from us and many other animals in that their teeth continually erupt. This means

Hey Doc: What's The Best Teeth Care For My Pet?

In this week's Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh is joined by Dr Aaron Forsayeth from Advanced Animal Dentistry to talk all about our pets teeth.

We will cover:
1. Does my dog or cat need a dental cleaning?

2. Reasons why your pet needs

Hey Doc: Horse Breeding Tips For Breeding Your Mare

In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh speaks with guest, specialist equine reproduction vet Dr Simon Robinson from Victorian Equine Group, all about horse breeding tips for breeding your mare.

Many of us would love to breed a foal so if this is

Hey Doc: Top tips to help your pet lose weight
Tonight's tutorial from Dr Leigh focusses on things you can do to help your pet lose weight. If you haven't checked out our post on Pet Obesity it's a good idea if you do.

Then watch the tutorial and try and implement

Hey Doc: Ask Dr Leigh July 3 2018
On the first Tuesday of every month Dr Leigh answers your questions for free in the series Hey Doc: Ask the vet with Dr Leigh.

Ask any question about your cat, dog, horse or pocket pet.

This month Dr Leigh discusses:
1. Selenium supplementation in horses

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