For pet owners Your Vet Online is a veterinary consultancy service that provides on demand access to animal health advice by registered veterinarians. Unlike traditional in-clinic veterinary consultancy, Your Vet Online provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low cost and comprehensive experience all to put your mind at ease.

Pet owners with a health question can utilise either pc or mobile platforms using chat or video link 24/7. Owners can choose between a Fifteen Minute Consult or Quick Question, both being with a registered veterinarian (who has greater than 5 years’ experience as a practicing clinician). During this consult the problem is identified and potential solutions are offered. If required, a recommendation is made to visit a partner clinical practice for follow up. The consult can be extended if required and is recorded in the pets’ own file for future reference.

Your Vet Online was founded by Dr Leigh Davidson a veterinarian with over fifteen years’ experience. With over 65% of the world’s households owning a pet and pets being an integral part of family life, Dr Leigh wanted pet owners to have greater accessibility to affordable veterinary expertise so that health and welfare was not jeopardised by the fast and frantic way of life.