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Best Age To Spay or Neuter A Dog: Latest Research

When Is The Best Age To Desex A Dog? One of the first questions many new dog owners have for their veterinarian is: "when is the best age to spay or neuter my dog?"  It is a question that is fraught with controversy and conjecture, but now we have the evidence to provide an informed [...]

Signs and Symptoms Of Dog Poisoning

Signs and Symptoms Of Poisoning In Dogs The thought of your dog being poisoned is distressing. Every year several thousand dogs die from accidental poisoning with early symptoms and signs often being missed until it is too late to save them. We want to help you to recognise the early and different symptoms your dog [...]

What Are Normal Animal Vital Signs

How To Assess Normal Vital Signs In Cats and Dogs? Learning how to recognise when something is wrong with an animal is one of the most important skills you as an owner can learn. But before we learn what is abnormal, first, we must first learn what the normal vital signs for dogs and cats [...]

Top Cat & Dog Poisons

Common Cat & Dog Poisons Sadly accidental pet poisoning is not uncommon so in this article, we reveal the most common cat and dog poisons that vets receive calls about. As we always say, if you are aware of the risks, then you can prevent the worst from happening. Every year thousands of [...]

Ehrlichiosis in Dogs: Is Your Dog At Risk Of This Tick-Borne Disease?

Ehrlichiosis in Dogs: Is Your Dog At Risk Of This Tick-Borne Disease? With the recent discovery of Ehrlichiosis in dogs located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, it is vital that we are vigilant to prevent the spread of this notifiable disease that can cause significant illness. UPDATE: It has spread to the Northern [...]

How To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs

How To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs Separation anxiety in dogs is a common problem that can be very difficult to manage. Like many behaviour problems, prevention is better than cure. We discuss how you can help your dog from developing anxiety and depression. What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs? Separation anxiety is [...]

Can My Dog Catch Coronavirus Covid-19?

Can My Dog Catch Coronavirus Covid-19? A quick primer on the COVID-19 virus, the danger to dogs and what precautions you can take. Updated 6 April 2020 With the recent announcement that COVID-19 is a human pandemic, should dog owners be worried that their furry friend or any other animal can catch Coronavirus [...]

Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs & Prevention

Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs And Prevention When the weather is super hot or there is very high humidity we need to recognise the signs of heatstroke in dogs, cats and other animals as disaster can happen all too quickly. Many vets around the country are fighting to save lives due to heat [...]

Best Music For Dogs & Cats

How To Choose The Best Music For Dogs & Cats With over 60% of Australian households owning a pet it's highly likely that most of us would have left on some music for our dogs and cats while we popped out on an errand or headed to work. I think it's fair to say that [...]

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