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Cats: Information About Health, Behaviour and Nutrition


Here we will provide you with articles and how to videos all about cats.

What Are Normal Animal Vital Signs

How To Assess Normal Vital Signs In Cats and Dogs? Learning how to recognise when something is wrong with an animal is one of the most important skills you as an owner can learn. But before we learn what is abnormal, first, we must first learn what the normal vital signs for dogs and cats [...]

Top Cat & Dog Poisons

Common Cat & Dog Poisons Sadly accidental pet poisoning is not uncommon so in this article, we reveal the most common cat and dog poisons that vets receive calls about. As we always say, if you are aware of the risks, then you can prevent the worst from happening. Every year thousands of [...]

Why Is My Cat Sneezing? Does It Have A Cold?

Cat Sneezing: Common Causes Bless you! We’ve all heard the sound of a cat sneezing – gosh they sound cute! But, when do we need to worry? When is a sneeze, not just a tickle but a sign of something more ominous? In this article, we will help you to decide when you need to [...]

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Coronavirus Covid 19 in Cats and Ferrets

Cats and Ferrets May Catch Coronavirus Covid 19 Latest studies show that cats and ferrets may be more susceptible to coronavirus than we first thought. Learn what precautions you need to take to keep those in contact safe.   In our previous article on Coronavirus COVID 19 in Dogs, we mention how on [...]

Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs & Prevention

Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs And Prevention When the weather is super hot or there is very high humidity we need to recognise the signs of heatstroke in dogs, cats and other animals as disaster can happen all too quickly. Many vets around the country are fighting to save lives due to heat [...]

Best Music For Dogs & Cats

How To Choose The Best Music For Dogs & Cats With over 60% of Australian households owning a pet it's highly likely that most of us would have left on some music for our dogs and cats while we popped out on an errand or headed to work. I think it's fair to say that [...]

Dangers Of Smoke Inhalation For Pets, Horses & Livestock

Dangers Of Smoke Inhalation For Pets, Horses & Livestock Whether your animals have been in a house fire, bush fire or they are in an area where smoke haze has blown in, smoke inhalation for pets, horses and livestock can result in significant health problems. We discuss how smoke affects animals and what you can [...]

Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Warm This Winter

Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Warm This Winter Brrrr, the cold weather doesn't just affect us, but our pets and horses definitely feel it too. I often get questions through our online consult service about how we can make our animals more comfortable when the temperature plummets so here are [...]

Are You Killing Your Fat Cat With Kindness?

Are You Killing Your Fat Cat With Kindness? While a fat cat can provide plenty of laughs on YouTube or Instagram, it's no laughing matter when we consider the risks to their health. As we discussed in our article on obesity in pets an overweight pet, whether a dog or a cat just [...]

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