Choke In Horses

How To Treat Choke In Horses Choke in horses occurs when food matter becomes stuck within the oesophagus and does not pass through into the stomach. While not particularly common, it can be a very alarming condition to witness and deal with when it does occur. Thankfully, unlike humans who will actually stop [...]

What Are The Signs Of Laminitis In Horses?

What Are The Signs Of Laminitis In Horses? To ensure that you don't miss the subtle signs of laminitis in horses read on. One of the biggest fears of a horse owner is laminitis, vets also share this fear because once a horse has a laminitic episode, it will likely trouble the horse [...]

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses We've all heard the saying "no hoof no horse" and when laminitis in horses is concerned, sadly it can result in death. Laminitis is essentially a clinical sign that indicates that an animal (horse, donkey, mule, sheep, cattle, goat, camel etc) has inflammation of the structures (laminae) that [...]

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