Desexing your pet – what you need to know

Desexing your pet - what you need to know This week's Hey Doc with Dr Leigh focuses on desexing your pet and what you need to know. If you haven't read our other article on "when it's best to neuter your male dog" then head over there after you've listened to this tutorial. [...]

When to neuter a dog? What age is best?

When to neuter a dog? What age is best Just this past weekend I was asked by a friend “when is the best time to neuter my dog?” In the past, I would have quickly replied “oh around 6-9 mths old would be best”, but now, with studies looking at the relationship between [...]

Can you spay a dog in heat? What are the dangers and what can you do.

Can You Spay A Dog In Heat? What Are The Dangers And What Should You Do? Oh no - can you spay a dog on heat? Ugggh!!! It's one of those timing things that has happened to many of us! Your young bitch is due to be spayed....and what do you know? She [...]

Why Desex (Spay/Neuter) My Dog?

Why Desex (Spay/Neuter) My Dog? Whether your dog is male or female, the decision to desex can be a difficult one for some owners. There is a lot of confusing information on the internet, and a lot of conflicting opinions, even amongst vets. This post we will give you a breakdown on why desexing is [...]

The Whelping Bitch – signs, stages and when to call the vet!

My Bitch Is Whelping: Everything You Need To Know About Whelping Puppies If you are concerned about your bitch and need to speak with a vet, we are available 24/7. You can contact us here. If you want to know what the first signs of your bitch going into labour look like, or how long [...] Protection Status