Author: Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc

veterinarian and author Dr Leigh Davidson BVsc BApplSc

Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc

Veterinarian Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc ApplSc is the Founding Director of Your Vet Online, a televet service for pet and equine owners that provides them with on-demand access to veterinarians 24 hours a day.

Having graduated from Massey University, NZ in 2001, New Zealand born Dr Leigh is well versed in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Dr Leigh previously owned Davidson Equine Veterinary Services a performance horse equine practice based in South Auckland New Zealand. In this position, Dr Leigh spent a lot of time working with racehorses in relation to fitness and performance utilising treadmill training and lactate testing.

Dr Leigh has also spent time working as an equine clinician in Canada (London Equine Hospital), Dubai (Dubai Equine Hospital), Australia (Melbourne Equine Vet Group).

Her clinical skills also extend to small animal emergency and general practice as well as farm animal mixed practice.

Dr Leigh has in the past and continues to provide veterinary consultancy services for global and Australian pharmaceutical companies including Elanco Animal Health, Ceva Animal Health and Troy Animal Health.

Dr Leigh is often called upon to offer an expert opinion for RSPCA cases, television and radio.

Dr Leigh has provided content for many publications including RSPCA Pet Insurance, Yours Magazine, Pets Magazine, Horse and Pony magazine as well as featuring in publications such as ABC, the tv show Weekend Sunrise on channel 7 and Radio 2Ser.

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