Stringhalt In Horses: Causes And How To Treat

Stringhalt In Horses: Causes And How To Treat Is your horse lifting a hindlimb in an unusual way when walking, trotting or backing? Your horse could be suffering from a condition known as Stringhalt. Stringhalt (Equine reflex hypertonia) is described as a non-painful neuropathic condition of horses that is characterised by an abnormal hindlimb gait. [...]

Emergency Vet Care For Your Pet

Most Common Pet Health Conditions That Require Emergency Vet Care Did you know that up to 75% of visits to the veterinarian could be avoided? There are many conditions that pets get that can be treated and helped via  an online veterinary consult without the hassle and expense of a trip to a [...]

Basics of horse fitness and training guidelines

Basics of horse fitness and training guidelines Whether you are a pleasure rider or an elite rider, a racehorse trainer or jockey, understanding the basics of horse fitness and training will improve the well being and longevity of your horse by keeping them injury free.  The basis of any fitness training program whether it [...]

When do we worry about bumps on skin?

When do we worry about lumps and bumps on skin of our pets? As you have probably heard me say before, prevention is better than cure, well in this circumstance we might not be able to prevent, but we can certainly look out for and act immediately when we see lumps and bumps on skin [...]

Colic Symptoms In Horses

Colic Symptoms In Horses One of the scariest and deadliest problems horse owners and carers must deal with is colic. Knowing what colic symptoms are in horses is absolutely vital. If you know your horse's normal vital signs, then you will recognise colic symptoms and be on the alert for other problems. In this [...]

Colic In Horses

  Colic In Horses: Signs, Causes and Treatment Colic in horses is one of the worst fears we can have as a horse owner.  Truth be told it's not too pleasant for us vets either! When a horse starts to show colic symptoms our blood pressure rises and we have that deep profound [...]

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Them Sound

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Your Horse Sound We've all heard the saying "no hoof, no horse" and pretty much the same saying can be applied to your horse's legs. There are many old wive's tales and myths about looking after horse legs, so in this article, I want to set you [...]

Equine Wound Care – How To Prevent Proud Flesh

How To Care For Equine Wounds And Prevent Proud Flesh We see the blood....our hearts sink. Horse wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare. We all hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how trying to prevent proud flesh is nearly a [...]

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