Choke In Horses

  Choke In Horses - How To Recognise The Signs & Treatment While not particularly common, choking in horses when it occurs can be a very alarming condition to deal with. Thankfully, unlike humans who stop breathing when they choke, this isn't the case with horses. It is important to move quickly and [...]

Dental caries in horses: How to prevent holes in your horse’s teeth?

Dental caries in horses: How to prevent holes in your horse's teeth? Dental caries in horses! What? Do horses get cavities? They sure do. A hole in a tooth is called a carie and horses are just as prone to these as us humans. In this Hey Doc tutorial, Dr Leigh discusses dental [...]

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Hey Doc: Equine Dentistry With Equine Dental Vet Dr Olivia James

Equine Dentistry: How To Care For Your Horse's Teeth In this tutorial, Dr Leigh speaks with equine dental vet Dr Olivia James BVSc(hons) MANZCVSc (Eq dentistry) Diplomate ICEVO CMAVA of Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry, all about equine dentistry. Horses differ from us and many other animals in that their teeth continually erupt. This means that [...]

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Equine Dentistry: What’s In That Mouth?

Equine Dentistry: What's In That Mouth? Little surprises me when it comes to equine dentistry and what I might find in a horse's mouth! It seems that horses, being by their very nature an animal that is both curious and cautious, are often prone to both oral injury and ingestion of foreign objects. More often than not, there [...]

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