How to recognise & manage heart disease in your pet

Heart disease or heart failure is a common cause of death in our pets. Sadly, often it has gone unrecognised because owners aren’t familiar with the signs and symptoms of heart disease. It’s not about turning you all into veterinarians, but it’s about giving you the tools to monitor your pets so that when something is amiss, you consult a veterinarian for further advice.

online vet heart disease monitoring

In this tutorial, Dr Leigh discusses the symptoms of heart disease and what you need to watch out for. Dr Leigh also touches on what you can do at home to ensure that you are keeping your pet healthy and aren’t inadvertently decreasing life expectancy.
We will touch on the following:
heart failure symptoms
can dog heart disease be cured
symptoms of heart disease
how you can manage heart disease at home.

Download your free heart disease monitoring and treat guide so that you can monitor changes in your pets at home.

The following video will play at 7.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Home Care For Pets With Heart Disease

Sadly, one of the most common reasons for people rushing to the emergency centre is because their pet has a heart issue.

Often, this hasn’t been recognised and sadly, it is too late for many.

Tonight Dr Leigh talks all about the heart. How you can recognise the subtle signs of a heart problem and how you can help your pet. Join us at 7.30pm AEDT.

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Posted by Your Vet Online on Monday, 20 August 2018