How The Idea For An Animal Televet Platform Was Born

Dr Leigh Davidson with French Bulldog friend Mordecai

Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc with Mordecai.

Hi, I’m Dr Leigh.

I founded Your Vet Online in 2015 and we were Australia’s first online televet provider.

I wanted to provide animal owners with easy access to registered veterinarians for on-demand care 24/7.

Where appointments weren’t necessary and you could talk to a vet any time day or night, weekdays, weekends or public holidays.

This is my story:

Imagine it’s 3am in the morning in a busy, Sydney 24/7 emergency centre.
The hospital is bursting with sick animals, machines are beeping, there is the delightful smell of diarrhoea and the whirr of a ventilator breathing for a small dog with paralysis tick toxicity.

One of the nurses advises me that my next patient has arrived.

An old German Shepherd called Jess who had collapsed and was unable to walk.

My immediate thought before I saw Jess was that she would either have a splenic tumour or maybe a spinal issue because these are the most common diseases that these dogs get.


The Old Dog That Brought Tears To My Eyes

Jess had the saddest, most trusting eyes, and they will be etched in my memory forever.

As our team walked up to Jess, she looked up to us with the most trusting eyes, a look that will be etched in my memory forever, along with the really potent stench that overtook us all.

We quickly realised it was the smell of rotting flesh. This is one smell that you will never forget.

Poor Jess had suffered a ‘hotspot’, a common ailment where the skin gets infected.

If caught early and treated properly by clipping and cleaning these clear quickly and without the need for fancy medications.


Dr Google: Dreaded Misinformation

Jess’ parents loved her dearly.

They had asked friends for advice on what to do and had researched the internet, but things escalated quickly for Jess’ skin infection.

Due to the misinformation given by well-meaning friends and taking the advice from Dr Google, Jess had become septic, and she was now dying.
Yes, dying.

Jess needed expensive intensive care, and she was critically ill.
In the end, her owners decided it was the kindest decision to let her go peacefully.

It was a night of tears and heartache for everyone involved.

I don’t want to EVER experience this again.  My colleagues don’t want to see totally preventable cases like this EVER again

The Idea For Your Vet Online Was Born

Dr Leigh consults with a client about her dog's foot in a telehealth consult.

Dr Leigh provides a virtual televet consult to a client whose dog has a sore foot.


Your Vet Online provides pet and horse owners everywhere a convenient 24/7 online veterinary consult whenever they need it most.

No one ever wants to see owners ever having to go through the similar emotional turmoil that Jess’ owners went through that night.

We’ve made it easy to talk to a veterinarian and get the advice you need to ensure your pets and horses never suffer.

Our Vets Are Accessible To You At Any Time Whenever You Need Us

  • Anytime 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Anywhere
  • On any device.
  • Video and chat.
  • Medicine prescriptions are available for Australian residents.

Founded By Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc

Dr Leigh Davidson with two cavoodle friends

Dr Leigh with cavoodles Olly and Rumba.


Dr Leigh hails from NZ, trained at Massey University and now resides in Australia….although still firmly calls NZ home ;)

Registered in both NZ and Australia, Dr Leigh has over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice (small animal, equine and ruminant), pharmaceuticals and practice ownership.

One of Dr Leigh’s favourite past times (aside from cheering on the All Blacks) is educating pet parents to be the best advocate possible for their pets.

Dr Leigh is active on many forums helping owners with questions they may have.

A passionate member of the Australian Veterinary Association, Dr Leigh also helps to moderate a large veterinary facebook group (Australian Veterinary Network) exclusively for veterinarians.

Aside from helping pet owners, Dr Leigh finds time to mentor many vets who seek advice with clinical practice and work-life balance.

Dr Leigh also frequently features on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise where she provides Australian television audiences with animal health advice for their pets.

She is often called upon to provide commentary for other media such as newspaper, radio, and digital news.

Check out our media page to see what Dr Leigh has been up to.

Dr Leigh Explains Her Motivation For Your Vet Online

What Our Customers Say


Your Vet Online is a great service that gives me comfort that I can get expert veterinary advice, when I need it and in a convenient manner without leaving home.

Simon Foster & Minnie

emergency vet online
I had an emergency in the middle of the night with my elderly Toy Poodle “Bentley”.  After searching for a Vet to speak with I found “Your Vet Online”, sent them a message and received a response within minutes from Dr Leigh.  There aren’t enough words of gratitude or enough “Thank You’s” I can say to Dr leigh for all the help given!! Your services are WONDERFUL and highly recommended. Thank you again!!

Melissa Leigh & Bentley

Dr Fiona Park BVSc(dist) DVSc DACVIM Registered Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Most pet owners understandably seek out additional information on their pet’s condition beyond what their own veterinarian has given them. This may be because they’d like another opinion, or they didn’t have a chance to ask all their questions during the consultation, or simply because they’d like as much information as possible to best help their pet. Many online information sources are questionable and have the potential to mislead and misinform. I believe that Your Vet Online has the potential to help a lot of pet owners by providing quality, unbiased advice.

Dr Fiona Park BVSc(dist) DVSc DACVIM
Registered Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine

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What We Stand By

  • We shall advocate responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and educate our clients so they can be successful pet owners.
  • We shall treat our patients, clients and professional colleagues with the utmost respect and courtesy.
  • We shall share joys of pet ownership with our clients, provide reassurance and sympathize during the difficult times.
  • We shall build a strong team within each department of our business.
  • We shall honour the terms of the veterinary oath at all times.
  • We shall deliver pet care services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • We shall continue to learn and to teach so that our employees are well educated.
  • We shall remember the 6 C’s of pet care, Compassion, Consistency, Competence, Convenience, Common Sense and Cost.
  • We shall place a very strong emphasis on attitudes and actions that promote teamwork and communication. We believe that the employee should deliver up to date services to our patients that consistently demonstrate compassion, sincere concern, and sensitivity in the most humane manner possible.

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Your Vet Online is currently looking for more awesome veterinarians that wish to join our team.  If you think you have what it takes, are registered in Australia and/or New Zealand and have a deep-felt need to make a difference please get in touch with us.