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sharing online vet love

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The team at Your Vet Online love nothing better than helping you and your pets. Here are some responses we have received from pet owners who utilised our online vet service. Thank you so much to everyone who supports us!


Josh Alfafara

My experience with Your Vet Online was fantastic! Our Bulldog Toby had been in and out of hospital and we just needed professional advice without having to go back. I signed up online and within minutes Dr. Leigh Davidson immediately got in contact with me whilst at work. It was convenient easy and very personable. I was able to give the complete story and she was able to give advice. I went home and followed the recommendation and Toby started feeling better. I was also able to give an update and got a quick response. I would definitely recommend Your Vet Online to others.

Gaylene Goodsell

I had a problem with my horse and used Your Vet Online.  We did a video consult, the vet was able to talk me through some assessments and could see exactly what was going on.  I also received a report which was sent to a third party.  I couldn’t be more happy with the service.  This was such great value I highly recommend.

Malinda Armstrong‎

So the lambs need to be vaccinated thanks to the advice from Your Vet Online, I call up the local clinic to book them in. She says that’s great, have you named them yet? Silence from me, so unfortunately Yes, One is “Icey” all good, the other……Maleficient. Not even sure how to spell that one but I think I got it right! Thanks Your Vet Online for the advice. Our lambs are now fully protected!

Suzanne Clarke

Thank you so much it was great being able to talk to you whilst our vet was in the way! After a night at vets he is back home . We have to keep an eye on him but won’t hesitate to contact you for advice. You made me feel so much better and kept me calm . Thank you again!

Colleen Goth‎

I would like to thank Your Vet Online for the helpful advice provided to me in respect of my gorgeous horse Rosemount Prince who was suffering from an acute case of lice . I had been treating it topically but it was the advice re the appropriate internal drench which has helped him turn the corner . A number of friends, know how bad this lice infestation was – his paddock mates don’t have them but this very special horse just plummeted downhill quickly . He is quite enjoying being an invalid in the quarantine paddock but it’s good to see him improving ! Many thanks again.

Saffra Mercedes‎

Needed help with puppy problems and I had a very fast response and helped with my issue. Would recommend!

Marianne Westley‎

My usually content Charlie started to lose clumps of fur, he was grumpy and getting thin. I asked Dr Leigh for advice, she asked lots of questions and looked at a photo, being an online interaction was no drawback. She gave me great advice and I feel very confident that I am doing the best for my four-legged friend. Thanks so much Dr Leigh.

Colleen Goth‎

Thought you would like this update photo of Rosemount Prince who was suffering from a severe lice infection . Your advice was instrumental in him turning the corner! Thank you for your advice and moral support as we nursed Rosemount Prince back to health from a dreadful Lice infestation and probable virus . It’s been a long and worrying road but you can see how well he is now.

Emma Westley‎

Dr Leigh was really helpful in advising me about my bitches engorged teats.., what to do and all the warning signs to look out for…thankyou Dr Leigh I feel a lot less stressed about the situation now.

Suzanne Clark‎

I contacted Your Vet Online to get a second opinion regarding our yearling’s swollen leg. Dr Leigh explained in more depth potential causes and gave us a good time frame to see if improvement occurred and what to do if there were no changes. We will definitely use Your Vet Online again. Thanks Dr Leigh!

Tricia Ray

If I knew about the awesome advice Dr Leigh could have given me when my puppy got bitten by a spider then my pet would still be alive today. I was so stressed at the vets as it was after hours and I had to wait for such a long time to be seen that it ended up being too late for Leo. I can’t turn back time now but with my new pet Jazzy when I need pet advice I now know Dr Leigh is always available day and night to help me out! I love Your Vet Online, such a great idea.

Jo-Ann Schaper

Your Vet Online is amazing. Helped me in a very difficult time with my cat, Valentino, all the way in South Africa. Thank you so much xxx

Melissa Leigh

I had an emergency in the middle of the night with my elderly Toy Poodle, “Bentley”. After searching for a Vet to speak with I found “Your Vet Online”, sent them a message and received a response within minutes from Dr. Leigh. There aren’t enough words of gratitude or enough ” Thank You’s” I can say to Dr. Leigh for all the help given!! Your services are WONDERFUL and highly recommended. Thank you again!!

Blythe Biel

My dog Minni was lacking energy. So I took her to see her regular vet for a check-up. He was very thorough and thought she had a heart issue. I was keen to get a second opinion, so I contacted Your Vet Online. The doctor was so caring and knowledgeable. She asked me questions and clarified what was recommended by my regular vet. The online vet agreed with the recommended treatment and also offered some further suggestions to help me out. They were so helpful and it gave me peace of mind that my vet was on track. It also gave me the reassurance I needed that Minni was getting the best care. I would not hesitate to use and recommend Your Vet Online.