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Meet your vet

Welcome to our new Meet Your Vet series.  This is your chance to get to know the amazing veterinarians that help out our animals. Learn a bit more about their life, their work and what they love and dislike the most about the job!

If you have a favourite veterinarian that you would love to see featured, let us know by emailing us their name and clinic details.

Dr Joei Potter Interview: Anaesthesia specialist University of Dublin

Dr Joei Potter works as a veterinary anaesthesia and pain specialist at the University of Dublin. Having graduated from Murdoch University in Australia, Dr Joei shares her story about why she chose to specialise in anaesthesia and the struggles she has seen in this profession.

The road to anaesthesia specialist
I am one of those infuriating people who knew what she wanted to be from a very young age.

My dad shares a story

My story of how I ended up as a vet in Mt Gambier
I have always loved animals, especially horses, and ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a vet – except for a brief period when I wanted to be James Bond (according to a story I wrote in grade 5)!

I grew up in Mt Gambier South Australia, a large country town in a way due to agriculture industries.

We had the typical pet cats, dogs, budgies and

Dr Tegan Stephens interview: unusual and exotic pet vet

Today we talk with Dr Tegan Stephens who works as an unusual and exotic pet vet in Sydney, Australia. Her days are filled with treating many different species of animals.  
How I became an unusual and exotic pet vet
I’ve been reptile mad since I was a toddler and always had it in my head I would one day be a reptile vet.

While at university I realised it was very hard to have a

Dr Debbie Osborne Interview: Life at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital

Tell us a little about your life and how you got to Alice Springs
I grew up in “The Shire” and never dreamed I would end up living more than walking distance from a good surf beach, except if I were lucky enough to be able to work as a vet in a ski resort.

After working as a vet in Sydney for 18 months, I slowly made my way to the UK

Dental caries in horses: How to prevent holes in your horse's teeth?
Dental caries in horses! What? Do horses get cavities? They sure do. A hole in a tooth is called a carie and horses are just as prone to these as us humans.

In this Hey Doc tutorial, Dr Leigh discusses dental caries in horses with Dr Kirsten Jackson BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Equine Dentistry) from Dental Vet in Perth, Australia.

Peripheral caries is a fairly severe form of dental decay in

Equine dentistry: How to care for your horse's teeth
In this tutorial, Dr Leigh speaks with equine dental vet Dr Olivia James BVSc(hons) MANZCVSc (Eq dentistry) Diplomate ICEVO CMAVA of Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry, all about equine dentistry.

Horses differ from us and many other animals in that their teeth continually erupt. This means that horses require regular dental care to ensure that their mouth and teeth are functional and not causing pain.

Dr Olivia is a credentialed resident in advanced standing for AVDC (American veterinary

Hey Doc: What's the best teeth care for my pet?
In this week's Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh is joined by Dr Aaron Forsayeth from Advanced Animal Dentistry to talk all about our pets teeth.

We will cover:
1. Does my dog or cat need a dental cleaning?

2. Reasons why your pet needs a dental?

3. What dental disease is?

4. How to get tartar off dogs or cats teeth?

5. How do dental chews work?

6. Dental diets and do they work?

Lots of information will be

Hey Doc: Horse breeding Tips for breeding your mare
In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh speaks with guest, specialist equine reproduction vet Dr Simon Robinson from Victorian Equine Group, all about horse breeding tips for breeding your mare.

Many of us would love to breed a foal so if this is you, take a listen and learn what you need to prepare to have a successful outcome.

Learn more about:

What you need to consider prior to breeding your mare

Artificial insemination

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Mice
Are you thinking of introducing a pocket pet to your family? Maybe you just want to know that you are on track with how to care for pocket pets like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs or rats/mice?

In this special episode of Ask The Vet with Dr Leigh, we are joined by special guest Dr Bree from the Avian Reptile and Exotic Vet Hospital in Sydney to talk everything pocket pet.

If you have

Attention all Your Vet Online fans, Dr Leigh needs your help! #votedrleigh

It will be a sad day when Dr Chris Brown steps down from duties as the resident veterinarian on the Australian Channel 10 show Bondi Vet.

However, our very own founder Dr Leigh has stepped up and made herself available for the vacant spot. We think Dr Leigh Bondi Vet has a nice ring to it 😉
Dr Leigh has over 17 years experience with animals great and small.  This has