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Welcome to our new Meet Your Vet series.  This is your chance to get to know the amazing veterinarians that help out our animals. Learn a bit more about their life, their work and what they love and dislike the most about the job!

If you have a favourite veterinarian that you would love to see featured, let us know by emailing us their name and clinic details.

How To Assess Normal Vital Signs In Cats and Dogs?
Learning how to recognise when something is wrong with an animal is one of the most important skills you as an owner can learn.
But before we learn what is abnormal, first, we must first learn what the normal vital signs for dogs and cats are.

Normal vital signs include taking measurements and observations of the heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, capillary refill time and mucous membrane colour and hydration status.


Common Cat & Dog Poisons
Sadly accidental pet poisoning is not uncommon so in this article, we reveal the most common cat and dog poisons that vets receive calls about. As we always say, if you are aware of the risks, then you can prevent the worst from happening.

Every year thousands of pets eat something they shouldn't.

If you are concerned about something your dog or cat ate, it is far better to get in touch with a vet to work out

Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Warm This Winter

Brrrr, the cold weather doesn't just affect us, but our pets and horses definitely feel it too. I often get questions through our online consult service about how we can make our animals more comfortable when the temperature plummets so here are all some top tips to help you out. 
Rug Up and Keep Warm
One of the first things we need to do is to make sure our pets or horses

Holistic Vet Care

The other day we were asked by Jane on another forum if Your Vet Online was a Holistic Vet?

The question got me thinking. What does Holistic Vet Care actually mean?

So I took a look at the good old faithful Oxford Dictionary for their definition of's what it says:
Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental

Dr Jacqui Johnston Interview: Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics

Dr Jacqui Johnstone BSc BVMS is a small animal vet in Brisbane who manages to juggle the demands as a veterinarian with that of a family with young children. Read on to hear about how Dr Jacqui was drawn to a career in veterinary science and what she loves about her role in her Southside Brisbane community at Holland Park Carina Veterinary Clinics.

I always wanted to work with animals and being a

Dr Joei Potter Interview: Anaesthesia specialist University of Dublin

Dr Joei Potter works as a veterinary anaesthesia and pain specialist at the University of Dublin. Having graduated from Murdoch University in Australia, Dr Joei shares her story about why she chose to specialise in anaesthesia and the struggles she has seen in this profession.

The road to anaesthesia specialist
I am one of those infuriating people who knew what she wanted to be from a very young age.

My dad shares a story

Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Interview with Dr Teresa Priddle

My story of how I ended up as a Petstock Mt Gambier Vet
I have always loved animals, especially horses, and ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a vet – except for a brief period when I wanted to be James Bond (according to a story I wrote in grade 5)!

I grew up in Mt Gambier South Australia, a large country town in a way due to agriculture industries.


Dr Tegan Stephens interview: unusual and exotic pet vet

Today we talk with Dr Tegan Stephens who works as an unusual and exotic pet vet in Sydney, Australia. Her days are filled with treating many different species of animals.  
How I became an unusual and exotic pet vet
I’ve been reptile mad since I was a toddler and always had it in my head I would one day be a reptile vet.

While at university I realised it was very hard to have a

Dr Debbie Osborne Interview: Life at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital

Tell us a little about your life and how you got to Alice Springs
I grew up in “The Shire” and never dreamed I would end up living more than walking distance from a good surf beach, except if I were lucky enough to be able to work as a vet in a ski resort.

After working as a vet in Sydney for 18 months, I slowly made my way to

Dental caries in horses: How to prevent holes in your horse's teeth?

Dental caries in horses! What? Do horses get cavities? They sure do. A hole in a tooth is called a carie and horses are just as prone to these as us humans.

In this Hey Doc tutorial, Dr Leigh discusses dental caries in horses with Dr Kirsten Jackson BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Equine Dentistry) from Dental Vet in Perth, Australia.

Peripheral caries is a fairly severe form of dental decay in

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