Dog Unable to Sleep

18 year old chihuahua mix SUDDENLY  -as in from one day to the next- went from sleeping all night in our bed to not being able to stay asleep or in bed for more than a few hours. Then it’s roaming from room to room. Still loves to go for walks and eats and drinks normally, and his bathroom habits are fine. Have had complete bloodwork and urinalysis and two vets have examined him and said they see nothing wrong. His hearing has been diminishing over time, and now if we call him, unless he is looking in our direction, he appears to hear nothing. In filling out your cognitive test, he does none of the things you suggest checking for. If no other signs are exhibited except for inability to stay in bed, am I still going in the right direction treating him for dementia with selegiline, trazadone, and CBD oil for anxiety?

Linda, Florida, USA.

At 18 years of age your boy is doing great! Waking and roaming from room to room is a sure sign of dementia. It would be a good idea to try a few things.

1. More bedding – just in case he is painful and needs a softer bed.

2. Possibly some pain-relief – in case he is painful.

3. You could talk to the vet about those medications. Please be warned that CBD Oil is illegal for use in pets. (FDA, Aus, NZ).

4. Try a brain diet such as Hills B/D.  This diet contains extra antioxidants to help protect brain cells and keep your dog alert and memory going strong.

For more information about canine cognitive dysfunction read here.

Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc