What to Feed a Cat with Triaditis

My 13yo cat has been diagnosed with Triaditis/Pancreatitis – I was wondering what food alternatives there are for her.  Hills is very expensive – could I feed her Advance?  She is also on Cerenia injections daily which help her tremendously.  I can’t afford the $70 odd dollars every week for Hills. Thanks and regards

Sally, Hopper’s Crossing, Vic

Hi Sally,

Gosh, sad to hear about your puss. It is always best to do as your vet recommends, and it appears that your cat may only recently have been diagnosed. Because of this, it is unwise to change a diet until she is stable and back doing well. Once that occurs, there is no evidence to suggest that a particular diet is better for these cats. Remember that triaditis involves the pancreas, liver and gut so you may have to pick a diet that contains higher levels of vitamin B12. Sometimes, cats may require extra pancreatic enzyme or a liver support treatment such as milk thistle or sAME. We do offer a second opinion service if you wish for more in-depth advice.