Get Your Pet Holiday Checklist To Ensure Your Pets Are Holiday Safe

If you are going on holiday, whether it’s just a weekend away or it’s for a few weeks it makes sense to ensure that your pets and animals are being cared for in the way you wish them to be.

In this holiday checklist we make sure you are totally prepared and don’t forget important items, facts and numbers that your pet sitter might need while you are away.


Most importantly we provide a schedule for your pet (or Horse!) that your sitter can use to keep track of the important things:

  • your contact numbers
  • your veterinarian’s phone number and address
  • details for how much you wish to spend on a pet
  • details on medications – dose rates, volume, timing

We have everything covered so you don’t have to worry.

Being prepared removes holiday stress and helps everyone to be safe and sound.
Download your schedule now:

For Dogs

Dog Holiday Checklist

For Cats

Cat Holiday Checklist