Get Peace Of Mind When You Can't Be There With Our
Free Pet Detailer

Keep all your pet's details and requirements plus your explicit wishes all in one place. 

Heading Off On Holiday Is Stressful At The Best Of Times

There Are So Many Things To Remember

  • Food - how much will they need, when are they fed, what CAN'T they eat!
  • Exercise instructions - how much, swimming Y/N
  • Medications - dose rates, timing, new prescriptions

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We Have Everything Covered So You Don't Have To Worry

Being prepared removes holiday stress and helps everyone to be safe and sound.

Download our pet holiday checklist so that you don't forget the essential things to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy whether they're travelling with you, staying home, or being cared for by a pet sitter. 

Most importantly we provide a schedule for your pet (or Horse!) that your sitter can use to keep track of the important things:

  • your contact numbers
  • your veterinarian’s phone number and address
  • details for how much you wish to spend on a pet
  • details on medications – dose rates, volume, timing
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