How Does Your Vet Online Work?

Hi There!

Welcome to Your Vet Online.

We are your one stop for all animal health advice.

Whether you are interested in reading blog articles or watching tutorials we can help you out.

If you need more personalised advice from veterinarians our online vets are available 24/7.

And if you are stuck and need a prescription, well yes, we can sort that for you too.

veterinarian and author Dr Leigh Davidson BVsc BApplSc

Hi! I’m Dr Leigh the founder of Your Vet Online.

You will see me around a lot – I pretty much write all the content and run the tutorials, and of course, if you have any suggestions these will come to me!

Our consults are provided by registered Australian vets, including myself. We’ve all got over 5 years experience. I think that’s pretty important. Be assured that our online vets know our stuff. On that note, I do vet the vets and welcome any feedback you might have.

We can help you with any animal: cats, dogs, horses, pocket pets, cattle, sheep etc. If we can’t help you, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Finally, I hope you get plenty of value from this service. Make sure you sign up for a discount on your first consult! Take care!

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