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Australian vets available for vet advice 24/7. No appointment necessary on demand care. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. We're here when you need us most. 


No Appointment Needed Veterinary Services

Real consults with real veterinarians

Email Vet Consult

Email our vets and we will reply within 12 hours.



  • Fill out a questionnaire so that our vets can answer your question.
  • A vet replies within 12 hours (usually within 1-2hrs)
  • Not suitable for emergencies.
  • Scripts not provided
  • Cannot attach photos or videos


Run out of medication for your pet? Requires a consult. 




  • Any animal - cats, dogs, horses etc
  • Ask your regular vet to forward animal's history to us.
  •  Australian residents only
  • *Veterinary discretion applies. If we are unable to provide a script we will refund your script purchase.
  • Requires an In-depth consult @ $49.95.

 How Does Your Vet Online Work?

Because animals get ill at the worst times - we make it easy

Any time, Any Place, Any Device

It doesn't matter where you are or what time of day or night, our vets are available 24/7. You don't need an appointment. 

Make Your  Secure Payment 

Once you've chosen your consult type, make your payment via credit or debit via our secure payment gateway Stripe. 

Discuss With One of Our Vets via Video or Chat

Your vet will ask you questions and guide you through a virtual exam. You can upload files, photos or videos to assist us to provide you with answers. 

Get Treatments and/or A Management Plan

Our vets can help you to manage your animal at home or we can provide scripts for medications. 

Veterinary Advice For Any Animal

Our Australian veterinarians are registered and highly skilled in treating animals of all kinds.







How to keep your rabbit healthy


Questions Our Vets Can Answer

Just An Example, We Can Help With Plenty More


Advice for problems like inappropriate urination, separation anxiety, meowing, crate training, poor performance and more.


Our animal's health depends on what they eat. Our vets can provide nutrition advice and provide diets for many diseases & general health. 

Second Opinions

Sometimes we just aren't sure if what we are doing is correct. That's why another opinion can be helpful. Our vets can help with this.

Health & Well-being

We answer any questions about desexing, vaccination, arthritis, dentistry, grooming, parasite control, skin  - whatever you need.  

Emergency Vet Care

76% of emergencies can be handled via our online consults. We can save you a trip and some money. True emergencies will be advised. 


Breeding dogs, cats and horses can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through preparation, birth and after care. 

Meet Dr Leigh 

Our founder and chief veterinarian


Hi There!

I get how frustrating it can be if you have a problem with your pet or horse and either:

  • You can't physically get to a vet
  • You aren't sure whether you need a physical exam
  • You don't trust or are confused by Dr Google
  • You want expert advice and FAST
  • You would like a second opinion.

If this sounds like you, book a consult and either myself or one of our other veterinarians will help you out immediately - no appointment necessary.

Learn more about Dr Leigh


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Why Ask A Vet Online?

It really is so simple, we are...


Our 24/7 Vetchat service is provided by experienced Australian registered veterinarians, who have all worked in clinical practice and are experts in veterinary online consultations.

Experts in all animal species


Our vets are available for emergency vet care 24/7.

No appointments required.

No more having to go to the clinic, or re-organising your schedule. You and your pet will love that you don’t need to leave home. Online vet consultations are proven to be effective.


Save $$$.

An online vet consult cost is significantly less than a regular consult.

Save up to $160.

Online vet consultations are proven to be effective.

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