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What Is Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

Does your dog seem sore in its hind end? Perhaps, he might have trouble getting up from lying down?

Many of the questions that I get asked online by owners worried about their pets are about how they can cope with their dog that has 'sore hips'.

In the vast majority of these situations, we find that the problem is hip dysplasia. In this article, I will help you understand the following:

what is hip

What Puppy Vaccinations Does My Dog Need?

Puppy vaccinations are vitally important and will protect your dog's life from some really serious viral diseases. In this article, we explain what puppy vaccines are required and what vaccination protocol your dog will need. We explain what infectious diseases these dog vaccinations protect against. If you have recently acquired a puppy or have bred puppies this article will explain exactly what you need to know to protect your pup so they have a

Hey Dr Leigh - "Why are Vet's So Expensive"
Today my good friend Lisa asked the above question in response to the photo below that shows the poor hourly rates that many vets receive. Often when google searching for 'vets near me', you are also looking for the cheapest vets. We thought we would answer why vets seem expensive and what tips you can utilise to ensure that you are prepared.

We can narrow it down to a few things:
1. What do we

Toxoplasmosis In Cats: I'm Pregnant, Do I Really Need To Rehome My Cat?
Excitement is brewing, you’ve just found out that you and your partner are pregnant!
Like all expectant parents, you hop on the internet and the first thing you come across is some article telling you to get rid of your cat!

You ask your GP and your midwife. They tell you the same thing.

Why? Because cats carry toxoplasma and toxoplasmosis in cats can harm your baby.  How true is this

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Signs of Dementia In Dogs

Who has experienced the dog or cat wanting to go outside, come back in repeat, multiple times, before?

Whilst we all might laugh at memes such as this one, it often means that your pet may be suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction or dementia, which isn't a laughing matter.

As our pets get older their interactions with us often change. Many can't or refuse to go on walks, where once they enjoyed it. Some, like

How to recognise ringworm in dogs and cats? Treatment, signs and diagnosis

You see the classical circular bald spot....eek it looks like ringworm. Ringworm is more common than we think, and can affect all animals - humans included! In this article, we will discuss ringworm treatment, signs and diagnosis.

What Is Ringworm?
Why ringworm is called ringworm is kind of bizarre, as there are no worms involved.  The name occurred due to the ringlike appearance of lesions.

Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by

Hendra Vaccine - Why Is It So Important?

Hendra is a virus that has caused death in both people and horses. To date, the equine vaccine has been extremely successful at preventing this disease, with no vaccinated horse succumbing to the virus. 

In this article, we describe Hendra and discuss the vaccine and why it is so very important. 
What Is Hendra Virus?
Hendra virus is a lethal virus that is zoonotic ie. it can affect both animals and people.  It is a member of

How Do You Know When To Call the Vet?

One of the most common questions many veterinarians are asked is: "When To Call The Vet?

The simple answer I believe, is that if you are thinking it and asking this question, then really you need to be talking to a vet because it’s obvious that you have a concern.

I know, I know….vets can be expensive and it might be just something little and maybe it’s insignificant.  But…..what if it’s not?

What if

How to Care for Equine Wounds and Prevent Proud Flesh
We see the blood....our hearts sink. Horse wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare.  We all hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how trying to prevent proud flesh is nearly a full time job in itself.

There are so many wives tales, potions and treatment options that determining what to do can make leave us scratching our head in bewilderment.

Attention all Your Vet Online fans, Dr Leigh needs your help! #votedrleigh

It will be a sad day when Dr Chris Brown steps down from duties as the resident veterinarian on the Australian Channel 10 show Bondi Vet.

However, our very own founder Dr Leigh has stepped up and made herself available for the vacant spot. We think Dr Leigh Bondi Vet has a nice ring to it ;)
Dr Leigh has over 17 years experience with animals great and small.  This has

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