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Hendra Vaccine - Why Is It So Important?
Hendra is a virus that has caused death in both people and horses. To date, the equine vaccine has been extremely successful at preventing this disease, with no vaccinated horse succumbing to the virus. 

In this article, we describe Hendra and discuss the vaccine and why it is so very important. 
What Is Hendra Virus?
Hendra virus is a lethal virus that is zoonotic ie. it can affect both animals and people.  It is a member of

How Do You Know When To Call the Vet?

One of the most common questions many veterinarians are asked is: "When To Call The Vet?

The simple answer I believe, is that if you are thinking it and asking this question, then really you need to be talking to a vet because it’s obvious that you have a concern.

I know, I know….vets can be expensive and it might be just something little and maybe it’s insignificant.  But…..what if it’s not?

What if

How to Care for Equine Wounds and Prevent Proud Flesh
We see the blood....our hearts sink. Horse wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare.  We all hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how trying to prevent proud flesh is nearly a full time job in itself.

There are so many wives tales, potions and treatment options that determining what to do can make leave us scratching our head in bewilderment.

Attention all Your Vet Online fans, Dr Leigh needs your help! #votedrleigh

It will be a sad day when Dr Chris Brown steps down from duties as the resident veterinarian on the Australian Channel 10 show Bondi Vet.

However, our very own founder Dr Leigh has stepped up and made herself available for the vacant spot. We think Dr Leigh Bondi Vet has a nice ring to it 😉
Dr Leigh has over 17 years experience with animals great and small.  This has

If your dog has eaten chocolate, use our Chocolate Toxicity Calculator below to work out if your dog needs to see a veterinarian.
Dogs love chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate contains the substance theobromine that is poisonous to them. Find out more about how chocolate is poisonous in our article Top Dangers For Pets In Autumn.
Please contact us if you are concerned and need to discuss what to do if you get a moderate or severe value.  We can help you with

Top Safety tips to keep your pet safe at Halloween

Halloween can be so much fun, but it can also be a time of the year that many pets really struggle to cope. Anxiety levels increase, poisonings occur, and pets get lost.  We have compiled some Halloween top safety tips to keep your pet safe this year.

Halloween can be a scary time for all animals. In tonight's talk Dr Leigh offers her practical advice to help you keep your pets

Can You Spay A Dog In Heat? What Are The Dangers And What Should You Do?

Oh no - can you spay a dog on heat? Ugggh!!! It's one of those timing things that has happened to many of us! Your young bitch is due to be spayed....and what do you know? She goes on heat! Read on to learn why spaying a dog on heat is far more involved and potentially dangerous.
How Old Are Bitches When They Have Their

Why is my cat peeing outside the litter box and how can I solve this problem?

Suddenly, your perfectly toilet-trained cat has decided the whole of its world (i.e. your house) is its toilet and has started peeing outside the litter box.

If your cat was once trained to use the litter tray and has always been fastidious about cleanliness what could be the reason to suddenly stop using the cat litter box? What is your cat trying to tell you? Read

Top Tips To Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

Rabbits can be a great pet, however, they are not a pet that can be thrown some food and forgotten about. Care also needs to be taken with young children as they can be easily hurt.

Rabbits need time, care and attention. I'm not trying to scare you, but they are prone to a few health conditions that if not acted upon immediately, can result in death. If you are considering getting a rabbit for

What Is Megaoesophagus - Is My Dog At Risk?
Megaoesophagus is a rare and incurable disease that occurs when there is a loss of tone and motility of the oesophagus (food pipe).

Animals affected by megaoesophagus have trouble eating and often struggle with regurgitation.

Many animals struggle to maintain weight and suffer from aspiration pneumonia. This occurs because the oesophagus dilates and loses the ability to contract, meaning food is unable to pass into the stomach.

The picture above is an example of

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