10 Consult Questions To Ask Your Vet

With the changing way we are now receiving veterinary care for our pets, it makes sense to get prepared for the vet consult questions you may be asked by a vet. With this downloadable you will never forget a vital question!



Vet consults range from 10minutes to 30minutes. It’s not long to discuss everything that may be worrying you about your pet.

That’s why we recommend that you attend your consult prepared.

Write down what is happening with your pet and include any questions that you may have concerns about.

Often your vet will have questions about your pet’s diet and other things like supplements that you give them. Have this all written down so that you don’t forget!

Vet Consult Questions To Ask

It’s not only problems that we might be concerned about.

Your vet visit is a good time to discuss the general health and care of your dog or cat.

You might like to ask questions about your pet’s weight, what you are feeding, whether they need an annual blood test or dental examination.

Be the proactive owner and rather than wait for the vet to ask these questions, ask them yourself!

That’s why we’ve developed this set of questions so that you can go prepared.

It’s also a good checklist for you to decide whether your vet is providing the type of service that you want.  If they are glossing over and not asking these questions, it may be time to choose a vet that takes more care.

Fill out the form below and get prepared for your visit to the vet.