Hey Doc: Ask Dr Leigh July 3 2018

On the first Tuesday of every month Dr Leigh answers your questions for free in the series Hey Doc: Ask the vet with Dr Leigh.

Ask any question about your cat, dog, horse or pocket pet.

This month Dr Leigh discusses:
1. Selenium supplementation in horses
2. How to stop dogs from licking each other’s ears?
3. How to contain a cat to inside only?
4. What to do for a dog that has gone acutely lame?
5. After a bout of diarrhoea, how long does it take to poop normally?
6. My cat has a broken canine tooth, does it need to be removed?
7. Should I give my dog glucosamine and chondroitin?
8. What is the prognosis of FCE?
9. How do I know if the dose rate of Vetmedin for congestive heart failure is correct?
10. How can I speed up the recovery of a heel injury in my horse?
11. Where’s the best place to purchase a cockatiel?
12. How do I tell clients that their dog is overweight and obese?
13. What green-lipped muscle products are best?
14. What do I give a lamb that is scouring?
15. What joint supplement is best for a dog with a luxating patella?
16. How do I know when it’s time to euthanise my dog?

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