Is the pet food you’re feeding harming your pet?

Is the pet food you're feeding harming your pet? Grain free is the buzzword for pet food. Forget “raw food” and “kibble”. It’s all about the grain free. That’s the thing. However, grain free has a dark and dirty secret. It isn't quite the pet food that you thought it was cracked up to be. What you [...]

Hey Doc: What’s The Best Teeth Care For My Pet?

Hey Doc: What's The Best Teeth Care For My Pet? In this week's Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh is joined by Dr Aaron Forsayeth from Advanced Animal Dentistry to talk all about our pets teeth. We will cover: 1. Does my dog or cat need a dental cleaning? 2. Reasons why your pet needs a [...]

Hey Doc: Ask Dr Leigh July 3 2018

Hey Doc: Ask Dr Leigh July 3 2018 On the first Tuesday of every month Dr Leigh answers your questions for free in the series Hey Doc: Ask the vet with Dr Leigh. Ask any question about your cat, dog, horse or pocket pet. This month Dr Leigh discusses: 1. Selenium supplementation in horses 2. [...]

Who’s At Fault: The Aggressive Dog Or The Pet Owner?

Aggressive Dogs - Who's At Fault: Is It The Aggressive Dog Or The Pet Owner? Sadly, stories of the aggressive dog have been in the media lately, but is it a problem with the breed or are we as a society at fault? This is such an emotive subject especially when people are killed or [...]

What Is Vaccine Titre Testing For Dogs? Is It Worthwhile?

Titre Testing For Dogs Explained There has always been contention about the number of vaccines our dogs receive and whether we are over-vaccinating by giving regular boosters. Part of this discussion has raised questions such as what is titre testing for dogs and whether this is an acceptable test to evaluate when to re-vaccinate. This [...]

Dog Vaccination: Is Annual Or Triennial Best?

Do We Need To Vaccinate Our Dogs Yearly? A yearly dog vaccination and health examination has been the norm for dog parents for as long as I can remember.  Many people are now starting to question the need for this yearly c5 vaccination. There are numerous questions that always arise when discussing dog vaccination protocols [...]

Best Pet Insurance: what do you need to look for

Best Pet Insurance: what do you need to look for If you ask any veterinarian the question: ‘Do I Need Pet Insurance?’ the sure-fire answer will nearly always be a resounding YES. This isn’t because vets are in cahoots with pet insurance companies – far from it. In fact, the real reason is that veterinarians [...]

Ask Us Anything With Dr Ari Ende Of Vet Around

Have you wondered about using a mobile home visit vet? Many of you often ask me about using a mobile home visit vet to care for your pets. Is it a good idea? What kind of treatment can mobile vets offer?  Would a home visit vet be a good idea for my nervous [...]

Why Is Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive?

Why Is The Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive? For many, the cost of vet care can be prohibitive and it can be difficult to understand why. Read on to learn more about why vets are expensive and how you can minimise costs.  Last week I posted a question on Facebook asking quite [...]

When To Call The Vet

How Do You Know When To Call the Vet? Dr Leigh providing an online consult to a client whose dog has a problem with a paw.   One of the most common questions many veterinarians are asked is: "When To Call The Vet? The simple answer I believe, is that if you are [...]

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