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How to tell if you have a sick foal?

Breeding horses is a long and expensive process so it’s vital that you recognise if you have a sick foal. In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh will discuss what a normal foal looks like and how to recognise if you have a sick foal. The quicker you can recognise the health problems of a foal the quicker you can have a vet instigate treatment for a better outcome. 

Health problems in newborn foals

In this talk Dr Leigh will discuss the following newborn foal health problems and how you can recognise them:

1. Failure of passive transfer

2. Dummy foal syndrome or it’s correct terminology: Neonatal Encephalopathy

3. Neonatal sepsis

4. Meconium impaction

Dr Leigh will also discuss what a vet foal check will involve and why it’s such a good idea to organise within 48 hours of your foal being born.

To learn more watch this video live it will upload at 7.30pm AEST Tuesday 11 September 2018

Hey Doc: What are the signs my foal is sick?

Have you ever wondered how to identify if a foal is sick? Often they hide they subtle signs.

What are these signs?

Tune in tonight at 7.30pm AEST to hear Dr Leigh.
Hey Doc: Ask the vet with Dr Leigh

Posted by Your Vet Online on Monday, 10 September 2018