Cat And Kitten Vaccination Schedules

Cat And Kitten Vaccination Schedules Vaccination is one of the most effective ways you can protect your cat against infectious diseases. There are many different vaccines available for cats, each designed to prevent certain illnesses. Some vaccines require multiple doses over a period of several weeks, while others are given once and offer [...]

Can My Dog Catch Coronavirus Covid-19?

Can My Dog Catch Coronavirus Covid-19? Whether dogs can catch the coronavirus Covid-19 is an important question. In this article, we will give an overview of what the COVID-19 virus is, the danger to dogs and what precautions you can take. Updated 6 April 2020 With the recent announcement that COVID-19 is a [...]

Dr Jacqui Johnston Interview: Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics

Dr Jacqui Johnston Interview: Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics In this Meet Your Vet interview we talk with Dr Jacqui Johnstone BSc BVMS. Dr Jacqui is a small animal vet in Brisbane who manages to juggle the demands of a veterinarian with that of a family with young children. Read on to hear about [...]

Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Dr Teresa Priddle Interview

Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Interview with Dr Teresa Priddle Mount Gambier small animal veterinarian Dr Teresa Priddle was born and bred locally and despite a short stint in Sydney and Adelaide she has always practiced locally. Running her own clinic was a dream come true and has definitely made her a permanent fixture for the [...]

How To Tell If A Foal Is Sick

How To Tell If A Foal Is Sick Breeding horses is a long and expensive process so it's vital that you recognise if you have a sick foal. In this Hey Doc tutorial Dr Leigh will discuss what a normal foal looks like and how to recognise if you have a sick foal. [...]

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits Guinea Pigs Ferrets Rats & Mice

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Mice "Pocket pets" are those small pets that aren't cats or dogs. They include pint-sized animals such as rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets and guinea pigs. These unusual pets require special care that is highly specific to their species and not at [...]

Dog Vaccination: Is Annual Or Triennial Best?

Do We Need To Vaccinate Our Dogs Yearly? A yearly dog vaccination and health examination have been the norm for dog parents for as long as most of us can remember. However, as time evolves, research is conducted and products improve, we now realise that the need for a yearly C3 vaccination may [...]

PUPPY VACCINATIONS: What Vaccines Do Pups Need And When?

What Puppy Vaccinations Does My Dog Need? Puppy vaccinations are an essential part of your pup's preventative health program, designed to protect your dog's life from exposure to many deadly bacterial and viral diseases. In the majority of circumstances, the puppy vaccination schedule begins when the pup is 6-8 weeks old and requires [...]

Hendra Vaccine – Why Is It So Important?

Dangers Of Hendra Virus To Humans & Horses Hendra is a severe, often fatal disease caused by the Hendra virus (HeV) that is spread by the flying fox causing infection in horses. It is a notifiable zoonotic disease meaning that humans can also become infected and die. Whilst there is no specific treatment [...]

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