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Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs & Prevention

Heat Stroke In Dogs & Cats: Signs to Watch Out For & How To Prevent When the weather is super hot or there is very high humidity we need to recognise the signs of heat stroke in dogs, cats and other animals as disaster can happen all too quickly. Many vets around the [...]

Why Your Dog Can’t Breathe: Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

Why Your Dog Can't Breathe And What You Need To Do I frequently hear from brachycephalic dog owners that "My dog can't breathe what do I need to do?", or "My dog snorts like he can't breathe" even "My dog snores more than my hubby!". Hearing these comments alerts vets that there is a major [...]

Top Tips To Survive Summer Holidays With Your Pets

Top Vet Advice To Survive The Summer Holidays With Dogs & Cats Everyone is thinking about the summer holidays so now is the time to think about the really, really super important things we need to do to make sure our pets are kept safe and well. Read on for our top tips [...]