Raisin And Grape Poisoning In Dogs – When To Worry

Raisin And Grape Poisoning In Dogs - Do You Need To Worry?   You've probably heard many conflicting stories and anecdotal reports about grapes and raisins being poisonous to dogs making it difficult to know if it's safe to feed them to your dog. Some articles will say no, they are not poisonous [...]

How To Make A Dog Vomit Safely And Quickly

How To Make A Dog Vomit Safely And Quickly Many dogs are notorious for scavenging and it's not uncommon to discover that your dog has eaten something they shouldn't have. For this reason, knowing when and how to make a dog vomit is one of the most important emergency first aid skills you can acquire [...]

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Signs And Symptoms Of Dog Poisoning

Signs And Symptoms Of Poisoning In Dogs The thought of your dog being poisoned is distressing. Every year several thousand dogs die from accidental poisoning with early symptoms and signs often being missed until it is too late to save them. We want to help you to recognise the early and different symptoms [...]

Emergency Vet Care For Your Pet

Most Common Pet Health Conditions That Require Emergency Vet Care Did you know that up to 75% of visits to the veterinarian could be avoided? There are many conditions that pets get that can be treated and helped via  an online veterinary consult without the hassle and expense of a trip to a veterinary clinic. [...]

Why is Your Cat Vomiting and When Should You Worry

Why Is My Cat Vomiting? When Do I Need To Worry? That horrific sound of your cat throwing up, usually on the carpet  is something we have all heard stories about! Funnies aside, a cat vomiting is not normal, even if much of what you read on google will say that it is! [...]

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Why Your Dog Can’t Breathe: Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

Why Your Dog Can't Breathe And What You Need To Do I frequently hear from brachycephalic dog owners that "My dog can't breathe what do I need to do?", or "My dog snorts like he can't breathe" even "My dog snores more than my hubby!". Hearing these comments alerts vets that there is a major [...]

Feeding Raw Chicken Is Linked To Paralysis In Dogs

Latest Research Show That Feeding Raw Chicken Is Linked To Paralysis In Dogs Feeding raw meat to our pets always carries a risk due to the potential of bacterial overload. We need to be very careful with food hygiene. Chicken is a known high-risk raw meat with a high bacterial contamination. Now, Melbourne University lecturers [...]

My Dog Is Regurgitating? Could It Be Megaoesophagus?

Megaoesophagus In Dogs & Cats - Are They At Risk? Megaoesophagus in dogs and cats is a rare and incurable disease that occurs when there is a loss of tone and motility of the oesophagus (food pipe). Animals affected by megaoesophagus have trouble eating and often struggle with regurgitation. Many animals struggle to maintain weight [...]

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