Why Pet Obesity Is A Problem For Your Dog & Cat

Why Pet Obesity Is A Problem For Your Dog & Cat Our world is in the midst of a pet obesity crisis and we are to blame. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), nearly 59 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs suffer from obesity.The sad thing about this is that [...]

Dog Vaccination: Is Annual Or Triennial Best?

Do We Need To Vaccinate Our Dogs Yearly? A yearly dog vaccination and health examination have been the norm for dog parents for as long as most of us can remember. However, as time evolves, research is conducted and products improve, we now realise that the need for a yearly C3 vaccination may [...]

Ask Us Anything With Dr Ari Ende Of Vet Around

Ever Wondered About Using A Mobile Home Visit Vet? Many of us are like the idea of using a mobile home visit vet to care for our pets.But is it a good idea?What kind of treatment can mobile vets offer and would we be better off heading into a clinic instead?Maybe you like the idea [...]

Why Is Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive?

Why Is The Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive? When your animal falls sick or is injured and you need to seek veterinary attention, it can seem like the cost of vet care is prohibitive. Especially if you are comparing your pet's vet care with your own health care costs. In this article, [...]

Vets Near Me: Why Are Vets So Expensive?

Why Are Vets Near Me So Expensive? "Why are Vets Near Me So Expensive?" Vets hear this question nearly on a daily basis. And when people learn that vets are not paid a high salary like doctors, it can be confusing to understand why vet care is so expensive. Remember that even if [...]

Toxoplasmosis In Cats | I’m Pregnant, Do I Need To Rehome My Cat?

Toxoplasmosis In Cats - I'm Pregnant, Do I Need To Rehome My Cat? Excitement is brewing, you’ve just found out that you and your partner are pregnant! Like all expectant parents, you hop on the internet and the first thing you come across is some article telling you that you must get rid [...]

How To Spot Ringworm In Dogs And Cats- Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

How To Spot Ringworm In Dogs And Cats? Signs, Diagnosis & Treatment You see the classical circular bald spot on your pet....eek could it be ringworm? Ringworm in dogs and cats is a highly contagious fungal skin disease of the superficial layers of the skin, hair and nails, that whilst relatively harmless to [...]

When To Call The Vet

How To Know When To Call The Vet? Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to call the vet for their advice verse waiting and monitoring your pet or horse for a bit longer. In reality, if you are thinking about and perhaps asking others this question, then really you do need [...]

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator For Dogs We all know that dogs are experts at getting into that secret chocolate stash and consuming the lot! But how much chocolate can kill a dog? Chocolate poisoning in dogs occurs when they eat too much theobromine. If your dog has eaten chocolate, it's important to calculate the [...]

Halloween Top Safety Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe

How To Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween While Halloween festivities can be fun for us, it can be quite stressful for our pets. Many pets struggle to cope with the increased activity and noise causing their anxiety levels to rise. That's not to mention all the numerous delicious goodies on offer, but [...]