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Signs Of Dementia In Pets

Signs Of Dementia In Dogs & Cats -  How To Slow Progression Our pets are living longer than ever before due to advances in veterinary medicine, sadly this means we often see more signs of dementia. However, it's not just old dogs and old cats that might show signs of a cognitive disorder. [...]

Lumps & Bumps On Skin – When Do We Worry?

When Do We Worry About Lumps & Bumps On Our Pets? As you have probably heard me say before, prevention is better than cure, well in this circumstance we might not be able to prevent, but we can certainly look out for and act immediately when we see lumps and bumps on skin [...]

Colic Symptoms In Horses

Colic Symptoms In Horses: Tutorial One of the scariest and deadliest problems horse owners and carers must deal with is colic. Knowing what colic symptoms are in horses is absolutely vital. If you know your horse's normal vital signs, then you will recognise colic symptoms and be on the alert for other problems. In [...]

Brachycephaly In Dogs

Brachycephaly In Dogs: What To Do To Help Them Breathe Brachycephaly in dogs is a structural condition where a dog has a "short head" i.e. a very flat face with very little length to its nose. Dogs and cats with this type of skull conformation often have problems breathing, and sadly, many will die. In [...]

What Joint Supplements Are Best For My Dog, Cat Or Horse

Best Joint Supplements For My Dog, Cat Or Horse We often take joint supplements for ourselves, so when our pets or horses become a little slow, painful or arthritic, we'd like to do the same for them. Due to licensing laws, many supplements don't need to meet the same rigors of scientific testing [...]

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits Guinea Pigs Ferrets Rats & Mice

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Mice "Pocket pets" are those small pets that aren't cats or dogs. They include pint-sized animals such as rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets and guinea pigs. These unusual pets require special care that is highly specific to their species and not at [...]

Do Flea And Tick Treatments Kill?

Do Flea And Tick Treatments Kill? We all want to do the best for our pets, and part of that is providing our pets with effective flea and tick prevention. There has been a lot of discussion on social media networks, including some very large and active Facebook groups that say that certain [...]

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog Or Cat?

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Pet "Should I get pet insurance?" is one of the most common questions veterinarians get asked. Because insurance is a significant amount of money to outlay, it is wise to understand what pet insurance covers and the financial implications of what not taking insurance out means. [...]

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