Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog & Cat?

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Pet "Should I get pet insurance?" is one of the most common questions veterinarians get asked. In this episode of “Ask Us Anything” Dr Leigh speaks with Dr Magdoline Awad from PetSure all about pet insurance. We discover why purchasing pet insurance can be a good idea especially [...]

Best Pet Insurance: what do you need to look for

Best Pet Insurance: what do you need to look for If you ask any veterinarian the question: ‘Do I Need Pet Insurance?’ the sure-fire answer will nearly always be a resounding YES. This isn’t because vets are in cahoots with pet insurance companies – far from it. In fact, the real reason is that veterinarians [...]

Ask Us Anything With Dr Ari Ende Of Vet Around

Have you wondered about using a mobile home visit vet? Many of you often ask me about using a mobile home visit vet to care for your pets. Is it a good idea? What kind of treatment can mobile vets offer?  Would a home visit vet be a good idea for my nervous [...]

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs: What Is It?

What Is Hip Dysplasia In Dogs? Does your dog seem sore in its hind end? Perhaps, he might have trouble getting up from lying down? Many of the questions that I get asked online by owners worried about their pets are about how they can cope with their dog that has 'sore hips'. [...]

Equine Wound Care – How To Prevent Proud Flesh

How to Care for Equine Wounds and Prevent Proud Flesh We see the blood....our hearts sink. Horse wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare.  We all hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how trying to prevent proud flesh is nearly a full time [...]

Dr Leigh Bondi Vet

Attention all Your Vet Online fans, Dr Leigh needs your help! #votedrleigh It will be a sad day when Dr Chris Brown steps down from duties as the resident veterinarian on the Australian Channel 10 show Bondi Vet. However, our very own founder Dr Leigh has stepped up and made herself available for the vacant [...]