Colic Symptoms In Horses

Colic Symptoms In Horses: Tutorial One of the scariest and deadliest problems horse owners and carers must deal with is colic. Knowing what colic symptoms are in horses is absolutely vital. If you know your horse's normal vital signs, then you will recognise colic symptoms and be on the alert for other problems. In [...]

How To Handle Grief When An Animal Dies

How To Handle Grief When An Animal Dies Our pets are a huge and significant part of family life for many of us. So when they pass, the grief we feel can be as devastating as that of losing a close member of our human family. There would be few of us around [...]

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits Guinea Pigs Ferrets Rats & Mice

How To Care For Pocket Pets: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Mice "Pocket pets" are those small pets that aren't cats or dogs. They include pint-sized animals such as rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets and guinea pigs. These unusual pets require special care that is highly specific to their species and not at [...]

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs And Cats

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs and Cats Anaesthesia free dentistry for dogs and cats is being promoted as the new wave of safe and appropriate dental care for our pets. But is it really? The process of anaesthesia free dentistry requires a dog to be physically restrained, usually on its back, and have [...]

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog Or Cat?

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Pet "Should I get pet insurance?" is one of the most common questions veterinarians get asked. Because insurance is a significant amount of money to outlay, it is wise to understand what pet insurance covers and the financial implications of what not taking insurance out means. [...]

Best Pet Insurance: What Do You Need To Look For

Best Pet Insurance: What Do You Need To Look For If you ask any veterinarian the question: ‘Do I Need Pet Insurance?’ the sure-fire answer will nearly always be a resounding YES. This isn’t because vets are in cahoots with pet insurance companies – far from it. The real reason that veterinarians are [...]

Ask Us Anything With Dr Jo From Pet Behaviour Vet

Talking Behaviour With Dr Jo From Pet Behaviour Vet In this episode of "Ask Us Anything", Dr Leigh talks with Dr Joanna McLachlan from Pet Behaviour Vet about all things concerning our cat's and dog's behaviour. Check out the video or read the transcript below. We hope you enjoy and if you have [...]

Dementia In Dogs – Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Signs, Treatment & Prevention

How To Recognise, Treat & Prevent Dementia In Dogs As our pets get older their interactions with us often change. Many start to refuse to go on walks, where once they enjoyed it. Some may begin to have accidents inside, become more vocal, or be less obedient. Many become less tolerant of being [...]

Hendra Vaccine – Why Is It So Important?

Dangers Of Hendra Virus To Humans & Horses Hendra is a severe, often fatal disease caused by the Hendra virus (HeV) that is spread by the flying fox causing infection in horses. It is a notifiable zoonotic disease meaning that humans can also become infected and die. Whilst there is no specific treatment [...]

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside The Cat Litter Box? Learn How To Solve This Problem

How To Stop A Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box If your cat is straining to urinate Take your cat to a vet immediately Suddenly, your perfectly toilet-trained cat has decided the whole of its world (i.e. your house) is its toilet and has started peeing outside the litter box. If your cat was [...]