Who’s At Fault: The Aggressive Dog Or The Pet Owner?

Understanding The Aggressive Dog The media is full of stories about the aggressive dog that has attacked a person, child, or another dog. We are frequently exposed to the dog fight at the park, even scuffles at the local cafe when a dog sitting quietly is attacked by one walking past. Dog fights [...]

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog Or Cat?

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Pet "Should I get pet insurance?" is one of the most common questions veterinarians get asked. Because insurance is a significant amount of money to outlay, it is wise to understand what pet insurance covers and the financial implications of what not taking insurance out means. [...]

Ask Us Anything With Dr Jo From Pet Behaviour Vet

Talking Behaviour With Dr Jo From Pet Behaviour Vet In this episode of "Ask Us Anything", Dr Leigh talks with Dr Joanna McLachlan from Pet Behaviour Vet about all things concerning our cat's and dog's behaviour. Check out the video or read the transcript below. We hope you enjoy and if you have [...]

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