Colic symptoms in horses

Colic symptoms in horses One of the scariest and deadliest problems horse owners and carers must deal with is colic. Knowing what colic symptoms are in horses is absolutely vital. If you know your horse's normal vital signs, then you will recognise colic symptoms and be on the alert for other problems. In this talk Dr [...]

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Them Sound

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Your Horse Sound We've all heard the saying "no hoof, no horse" and pretty much the same saying can be applied to your horse's legs. There are many old wive's tales and myths about looking after horse legs, so in this article, I want to set you [...]

Why Is Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive?

Why is the cost of vet care so expensive? Last week I posted a question on Facebook asking quite a sensitive question comparing the cost of vet care with the cost of human health care. The question I asked was why vets and doctors weren't held to the same standards when it came to saving [...]