Vote Dr Leigh For Bondi Vet

Attention all Your Vet Online fans, Dr Leigh needs your help! #votedrleigh

It will be a sad day when Dr Chris Brown steps down from duties as the resident veterinarian on the Australian Channel 10 show Bondi Vet.

However, our very own founder Dr Leigh has stepped up and made herself available for the vacant spot. We think Dr Leigh Bondi Vet has a nice ring to it ;)
Dr Leigh has over 17 years experience with animals great and small.  This has included collecting semen from a Rhinoceros at the Toronto Zoo; looking after million dollar race horses in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Dubai; calving cows in the backblocks of the Waikato in New Zealand; removing antler from deer in the South Island of New Zealand; branding calves in the Northern Territory of Australia; and caring for many, many cats, dogs, horses and pocket pets for pet owners in Australia and New Zealand.   There isn’t much Dr Leigh hasn’t done.
While Dr Leigh is a kiwi, she does reside in Sydney and hits Bondi Beach frequently.  We hope that won’t count against her and there are no under arm…whoops…under hand tactics in the application process ;)

We would love you to forward a nomination for Dr Leigh you can do that here.

Here’s Dr Leigh’s video….
Hugo was heavy ;)

Dr Leigh For Bondi Vet

Here's my Bondi Vet nomination….Hugo (the dog) is bloody heavy and I was huffing and puffing by this stage! Thanks so much to those who contributed videos…such a laugh. If you feel like nominating me, you can either make your own little video (just sit on your couch with your pet or in the paddock with your horse) or just write some kind words about how damn amazing I am ;) Go to to put your nom in. My details for the form:Leigh Davidson vets@yourvetonline.comYour Vet Online www.yourvetonline.comJust put NA for phone number! After Easter is voting time….so if nominating is just too damn hard…then you can wait until then….have no fear…I will remind you ;) Hope you get a laugh out of this…Oh and please go and nominate me….I'm way behind the 8 ball….#votedrleigh

Posted by Leigh Davidson on Tuesday, 11 April 2017