Dog Ear Infections – Learn How To Treat & Prevent

Dog Ear Infections - Learn How To Treat & Prevent Dog ear infections are sadly one of the most common disease presentations that veterinarians see on a daily basis. Many dogs suffer from chronic ear inflammation (otitis externa) and this causes them a lot of pain and the owners a lot of frustration. It really [...]

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Colic In Horses

Colic In Horses: Signs, Causes and Treatment The fear of finding your horse with colic is just as bad as a nightmare. Truth be told it's not too pleasant for us vets either! When a horse starts to show signs of colic our blood pressure rises and the deep profound worry sets in: [...]

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses We've all heard the saying "no hoof no horse" and when laminitis in horses is concerned, sadly it can result in death. Laminitis is essentially a clinical sign that indicates that an animal (horse, donkey, mule, sheep, cattle, goat, camel etc) has inflammation of the structures (laminae) that [...]

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