Dog Ear Infections – Learn How To Treat & Prevent

Dog Ear Infections - Learn How To Treat & Prevent One of the most common questions we get asked in online consults is from owners who have concerns about dog ear infections. Sadly, many dogs suffer from chronic ear inflammation (otitis externa) and this causes them a lot of pain and the owners a lot of frustration.  [...]

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Dog Scooting: What’s the Cause and How To Fix It

Dog Scooting: What's the Cause and How To Fix It?   It's not unusual to see your dog scooting along the ground on their arse seemingly oblivious to the embarrassment that it causes us as owners. I know I used to get horrified when I saw my old girl Pippa doing this, especially [...]

How To Recognise A Reverse Sneeze? Is My Dog Choking?

How To Stop Reverse Sneezing In Dogs The first time you hear your dog reverse sneeze you are bound to think the honking and gagging sounds mean they are choking and are in big trouble! Fortunately, reverse sneezing in dogs, although noisy and scary, is not going to kill or even harm your [...]

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