Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Dr Teresa Priddle Interview

Petstock Mount Gambier Vet: Interview with Dr Teresa Priddle Mount Gambier small animal veterinarian Dr Teresa Priddle was born and bred locally and despite a short stint in Sydney and Adelaide she has always practiced locally. Running her own clinic was a dream come true and has definitely made her a permanent fixture for the [...]

Pet Dental Care: Top Reasons Why Pets Need Dental Care

How To Improve Your Pet's Dental Care At Home Our pet's dental care needs to be a top priority because just like us, poor dental hygiene can lead to disease and ill-health. Over 85% of dogs and 70% of cats from the age of 3 years suffer from dental disease. We can prevent [...]

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs And Cats

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry For Dogs and Cats Anaesthesia free dentistry for dogs and cats is being promoted as the new wave of safe and appropriate dental care for our pets. But is it really? The process of anaesthesia free dentistry requires a dog to be physically restrained, usually on its back, and have [...]

How To Feed Bones Safely To Dogs

How To Feed Bones Safely To Dogs There are many conflicting opinions related to whether we should feed our dogs' bones. When asked their opinion as to whether feeding bones to dogs is a good idea, many vets will give you the hard NO, while others will advise - "it depends". Feeding bones [...]

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