Vets warn a rise in cat poisonings from deadly flowers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   28 November 2018 Vets warn a rise in cat poisonings from deadly flowers With summer festivities fast approaching it’s more important than ever to keep pets safe! Many pet owners keep toxic foods (i.e. chocolate) from paw’s reach but often forget the dangers blooming in their gardens or floral arrangements. According [...]

Emergency vet care for your pet

Most common pet health conditions that require emergency vet care Did you know that up to 40% of visits to the veterinarian could be avoided? There are many conditions that pets get that can be treated and helped by veterinary consult via an online telemedicine consult without the hassle and expense of a trip [...]

Lilies and Cats: Are Lilies Poisonous?

Are Lilies Poisonous To Cats? I would hazard a guess that there aren't too many people that say that they don't like receiving a bouquet of flowers, but sometimes, that bouquet might contain lilies and sadly, lilies are poisonous to cats.  Unfortunately, it seems that many people including those that work in flower [...]

When To Call The Vet

A question many veterinarians are asked is: "When To Call The Vet? The simple answer I believe, is that if you are thinking it and asking this question, then really you need to be talking to a vet because it’s obvious that you have a concern. I know, I know….vets can be expensive and it might [...]