Signs And Symptoms Of Poisoning In Dogs

Signs And Symptoms Of Poisoning In Dogs The thought that your dog might have been poisoned is distressing. For many, our thought process wonders if that grumpy neighbour has poisoned our dog. Sadly, every year several thousand dogs die from accidental poisoning with early symptoms and signs often being missed until it is [...]

Common Cat & Dog Poisons That Cause Sickness

Common Cat & Dog Poisons That Cause Sickness Sadly accidental pet poisoning is not uncommon so in this article, we reveal the most common cat and dog poisons that vets receive calls about. As we always say, if you are aware of the risks, then you can prevent the worst from happening. Every [...]

What To Do For Rat Bait Poisoning In Dogs

What To Do If A Dog Eats Rat Bait Poison Whether you witnessed your dog eat rat bait, or you are highly suspicious that your dog may have some, it is extremely important that you seek veterinary advice or your pet's life will be at risk. Rat bait can kill any animal. These [...]

Lilies And Cats: Find Out Whether Lilies Are Poisonous To Cats

Are Lilies Poisonous To Cats? Most of us love to receive a bouquet of flowers and it's not surprising that the most common flower found in these arrangements are lily flowers due to their exquisite beauty. Sadly for cats, many people who work in flower shops, garden centers, and gift merchants are totally [...]

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator For Dogs We all know that dogs are experts at getting into that secret chocolate stash and consuming the lot! But how much chocolate can kill a dog? Chocolate poisoning in dogs occurs when they eat too much theobromine. If your dog has eaten chocolate, it's important to calculate the [...]

Halloween Top Safety Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe

How To Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween While Halloween festivities can be fun for us, it can be quite stressful for our pets. Many pets struggle to cope with the increased activity and noise causing their anxiety levels to rise. That's not to mention all the numerous delicious goodies on offer, but [...]

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