Ask Dr Leigh

Ask Dr Leigh If you've got a question about animal health, send them for Dr Leigh to answer. You can check out past shows below, or come and join us live on Facebook or YouTube. 1 May 2018 Check out Dr Leigh discussing dog behaviour at the park and answering your questions about your pets [...]

Pinworms In Horses And How To Get Rid Of Them

Pinworms In Horses - A Pain In The Bum Arrrrgh, could it be pinworms? Your horse has scratched his bottom so much that the head of his tail is bald! This is a disaster! The likely problem in a horse with an itchy bottom is pinworms. Pinworms in horses is a very common [...]

What Are The Signs Of Laminitis In Horses?

What Are The Signs Of Laminitis In Horses? To ensure that you don't miss the subtle signs of laminitis in horses read on. One of the biggest fears of a horse owner is laminitis, vets also share this fear because once a horse has a laminitic episode, it will likely trouble the horse [...]

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses

Causes Of Laminitis In Horses We've all heard the saying "no hoof no horse" and when laminitis in horses is concerned, sadly it can result in death. Laminitis is essentially a clinical sign that indicates that an animal (horse, donkey, mule, sheep, cattle, goat, camel etc) has inflammation of the structures (laminae) that [...]

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Them Sound

How To Care For Horse Legs & Keep Your Horse Sound We've all heard the saying "no hoof, no horse" and pretty much the same saying can be applied to your horse's legs. There are many old wive's tales and myths about looking after horse legs, from the application of cooling poultices to [...]

Why Is Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive?

Why Is The Cost Of Vet Care So Expensive? When your animal falls sick or is injured and you need to seek veterinary attention, it can seem like the cost of vet care is prohibitive. Especially if you are comparing your pet's vet care with your own health care costs. In this article, [...]

Vets Near Me: Why Are Vets So Expensive?

Why Are Vets Near Me So Expensive? "Why are Vets Near Me So Expensive?" Vets hear this question nearly on a daily basis. And when people learn that vets are not paid a high salary like doctors, it can be confusing to understand why vet care is so expensive. Remember that even if [...]

Hendra Vaccine – Why Is It So Important?

Dangers Of Hendra Virus To Humans & Horses Hendra is a severe, often fatal disease caused by the Hendra virus (HeV) that is spread by the flying fox causing infection in horses. It is a notifiable zoonotic disease meaning that humans can also become infected and die. Whilst there is no specific treatment [...]

When To Call The Vet

How To Know When To Call The Vet? Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to call the vet for their advice verse waiting and monitoring your pet or horse for a bit longer. In reality, if you are thinking about and perhaps asking others this question, then really you do need [...]

Equine Wound Care – How To Prevent Proud Flesh

How To Care For Equine Wounds And Prevent Proud Flesh We see the blood....our heart sinks. Equine wounds are a horse owner's worst nightmare. We hear the horror stories of how long wounds take to heal, the money it costs, not to mention how the prevention of proud flesh is nearly a full-time [...]